Finding the Light

Xulon Press presents a study into the harmony of science and Christian faith.

You Do Not Have to Make a Choice Between God and Science

Xulon Press presents a study into the harmony of science and Christian faith.


Author James A. Cannon, Ph.D. explains the faith behind physics in Finding the Light: Science and its Vision ($15.99, paperback, 9781662865787; $29.99, dust jacket, 9781662865794; $7.99, e-book, 9781662865800).


Contrary to the popular belief that science opposes Christian faith, Cannon teaches that historical physical science, as well as modern physics, follow faith’s universal promptings within the human heart.  He demonstrates how both have flourished together in the lives of prominent scientists throughout history, and argues that faith in God is a guardian of classical realism, the philosophical foundation of science.


This book shows that science and faith aren't in mutual opposition, but highly complementary.


Dr. James A Cannon (b.1933 - d.2020), after serving in the US Navy during the Korean war, studied and practiced journalism as managing editor of the Fordham University newspaper. Then he switched his area of concentration to physics. He earned an MA at Columbia and a B.S. and Ph.D. at Fordham. He did basic research at Bell Labs, but having the heart of a teacher, he left to pursued a career spanning five decades as a revered professor of physics and chemistry at Pace University in New York. A neurological injury led to retirement. He suffered for a dozen years until complications from Parkinson’s and Covid-19 took his life. During this time, with of the able assistance of his devoted wife, Monica, Dr. Cannon wrote Finding the Light: Science and its Vision, a testament to his life’s work, his Catholic faith, his love of science and his love of teaching.




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