Brother Moses Tells the Story of Jesus

Xulon Press presents a Biblical teaching in the hip hop go go language of today's youth, sure to catch the attention of young Christians.

The Story of Jesus Christ Presented in an Upbeat Clever Interpretation for Young Adult Christians

Xulon Press presents a Biblical teaching in the hip hop go go language of today's youth, sure to catch the attention of young Christians.


Author Brother Moses delights young adult readers by putting a modern twist on a well-known Biblical story in Brother Moses Tells the Story of Jesus ($10.99, paperback, 9781662872709; $4.99, e-book, 9781662872716).


Brother Moses, an ordained minister, observed that with each passing year the younger generations seem to be drifting away from religious teachings rather than practicing them. And besides hearing well-known Bible from their parents, he pondered whether young Christians truly knew and understood the full stories.   With that in mind, Brother Moses found a way to make a direct connection with teen readers by crafting a new way of telling Biblical stories, aimed to capture their attention. Told in the “hip hop go go” language of today’s youth, he creatively tells the story of the events leading up to Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection. This unique style of writing will be appreciated by young Christians, youth Pastors and Bible study teachers.


When asked what inspired the author to write this book, Brother Moses said, “On a trip to the Rick Ball Players Showcase in Miami, Florida where a large number of college coaches come to watch high school prospects compete for scholarships, I had to listen to the music of several of the players on the way. At one point they began a rather heated debate on who had the best lyrics and why. To my dismay few of them knew about our Lord and savior Jesus Christ and to be honest, Christ’s name never came up. When I was their age, I remembered listening to Lord Byron’s ‘The Naz.’ I thought I should do the story of Jesus in the language of today’s youth as a way of introducing them to Christ.”  



Brother Moses is an ordained minister, motivational speaker, and national touring artist. He is considered the foremost purveyor and reenactor of Dr. Martin Luther King’s speeches and sermons. According to the author, Martin Luther King III exclaimed that Brother Moses’ voice was the closest to his father that he had ever heard. His reenactment of Dr. King’s “I Have a Dream” highlighted the Virginia State Assembly’s first official recognition of Dr. King’s birthday. Brother Moses was a guest artist at numerous rallies to make Dr. Kings’ birthday a national holiday. Richard Coe, the famous Washington Post art critic called Brother Moses “Dazzling."


Brother Moses is also a prize-winning author and regional winner of the Lorraine Hansbury National Collegiate Playwrighting Competitions. Eleven of his plays were produced and won numerous accolades. Brother Moses was awarded the Mental Health Award, the Governor’s award, two Commanders Awards, and several Community Service Awards for his plays, performances and work with children. He is the founder of Quietfire Repertory Company, an award-winning inner-city youth theatre group. He writes plays and teaches artists to perform for and about inner-city youth and their families. Brother Moses currently runs the Langley Park Boys and Girls Club in Hyattsville, Maryland. He has been ministering and coaching youth for more than 20 years. He has counseled youth and their parents including working with difficult youth.





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