Xulon Press presents a motivational teaching for anyone desiring to understand the Biblical mandate given to them to become the examples God has called them to be.

Become an Amazing Testimony for His Glory and the Light That Shines in the Darkness

Xulon Press presents a motivational teaching for anyone desiring to understand the Biblical mandate given to them to become the examples God has called them to be.


Author George A. Elias challenges readers to live out God’s purpose for them in My Brother’s Keeper: It's Not About You  ($31.49, paperback, 9781662882258; $44.49, hardcover, 9781662882265; $9.99, e-book, 9781662882272).


Elias has been serving the Lord for more than 45 years. Through his passion for reaching the lost, especially those who feel unseen, he has authored many books. His newest book aims to speak to the heart of readers and motivate all to pursue holiness and purity for the sake of showcasing Jesus well to the world. Elias wants to help take “the eyes off ourselves and put it on those around us” as he explains that the central theme of God's heart is the “people.” He wants this book to provoke growth in readers’ intimacy with the Heavenly Father to fulfill every purpose He has destined for them as well as every person they influence in their own lifetime. Elias explains this is what it truly means to be, "My Brother's Keeper."


When asked what inspired the author to write this book, Elias said, “I have seen believers who radiate with the love of Christ for the lost and compassion seems to be at the core of their heart because they are filled to overflowing with the presence of God. People who are not yet saved gravitate to them and get radically saved. Yet, so many who don't understand ‘Lordship’ tend to miss out on all that God purposes for them. Once we taste of His goodness and power, we seldom go back to a mundane Christian lifestyle. Instead of going through the motions of Christianity, my cry is to go after more of God! The question arises, ‘How desperate are we to go after all that He has destined for us?’ God will only give you want you cry out for. He will take us as far as we desire to go. These are the thoughts that inspired me to write this book. I want to do my part in helping others become amazing testimonies for His glory.”


George A. Elias graduated from Bethesda Bible College and is currently a licensed evangelist with the Assemblies of God. He grew up Catholic and was saved from a life of drugs and alcohol at the tail end of the Jesus Movement in the 70's. He started a ministry training center in Downtown San Diego in 1979 and led evangelism teams on the streets every weekend throughout the 80's. He’s had a television and radio program teaching evangelism and was a columnist for San Diego's Christian newspaper for 20 years. Elias presently teaches at Legacy International Center in San Diego on evangelism topics. He has also authored two other books: Jesus of Nazareth, Colossians 2:9 and Faithful and Free, Keys to Living with Passion. He has had the privilege of traveling and ministering in many countries in Europe, Africa and in South and Central America. Elias has two children and three grandchildren. He loves hiking, motorcycles, traveling and teaching God's Word.




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