Know when to let Go

Xulon Press presents a teaching that provides much-needed insights and lessons to help people let go and move forward with confidence.

Whether Facing a Personal or Professional Challenge, There is Always a Right Time to Let Go

Xulon Press presents a teaching that provides much-needed insights and lessons to help people let go and move forward with confidence.


Author Tyrun A. Haynie provides readers with relatable and practical advice in Know When to Let Go ($14.49, paperback, 9781662843198; $6.99, e-book, 9781662843204).


Haynie’s book draws from his own personal experiences and expert interviews to offer a roadmap for readers to navigate their own journey towards acceptance and healing. Early readers of this book have given high praise for its practical advice and relatable stories. The author’s hope is that this book will serve as a guiding light for anyone seeking liberation, allowing them to embrace the beauty of releasing what no longer serves them in order to create space for personal growth and exciting new possibilities.


When asked what inspired the author to write this book, Haynie said, “Writing my first book was inspired by a deeply personal journey of self-discovery and growth. Throughout my life, I have encountered numerous situations when holding on to people, beliefs, or circumstances became a source of immense struggle and pain. However, it was through these experiences that I learned the invaluable lesson of recognizing when it is time to release and let go. This realization sparked a profound desire within me to share my insights and inspire others who may be facing similar challenges. With each chapter, I aim to guide readers on a transformative exploration of embracing change, relinquishing control, and finding liberation in the act of letting go. By weaving together personal anecdotes, reflective exercises, and practical advice, ‘Know When to Let Go’ invites readers to embark on a soulful journey of self-reflection and empowerment.”


Tyrun A. Haynie is a native of Forrest City, Arkansas. He holds a bachelor’s degree in business management and a master’s degree in management & leadership. He is the CEO of NESS.Inc. The foundation of the company is to “Create Your Own Future (CYOF)”, with a mission for people to believe in themselves and have an entrepreneurial mindset. Haynie has an innate affinity and passion for the smaller guy to win. These feelings fuel his entrepreneurial mindset and service-oriented heart. Outside of work, Haynie dedicates his free time empowering at-risk youth who are being raised in single-family homes or living in disenfranchised communities. He also volunteers his time for various non-profits boards. Haynie loves spending time with his nephew and family. Haynie wants to continue to serve his community and make an impact. He loves traveling, cycling and listening to jazz music.





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