Why Xulon Press?

Why self-publish your book with Xulon Press?

There’s plenty of reasons why, but here’s a few of our favorites:

We Meet You Where You Are.
From concept to completed manuscript, we can provide the support and direction you need for each next step, no matter where you’re at in the process.

We’ve Done This Before.
Xulon Press has been around since 2000. Title-for-title, we are the largest christian book publisher in North America, having helped more than 20,000 authors just like you publish their books.

We’re a Big Family—With Room For You at the Table.
Joining the Xulon Press family of authors means you’ll be joining a community that fosters growth and success. We want to partner with you on your publishing journey.

We Have the Experts.
When you call us with questions, you won’t be routed to a one-size-fits-all call center. With dedicated specialists in each area, you’re backed by a team prepared to guide you through very phase of the process.

We Truly Love Books.
Books aren’t just our job; they’re our lifestyle. We see them as critical vehicles to spread God’s word around the world, and are committed to the medium.

We Pray for You.
We pray often: both as a team and as individuals, and for each other and for our authors. We see prayer as the fuel that powers us (and you) to be difference makers in this world.

We’re Backed by the Largest Conservative Media Conglomerate in the World.
Xulon Press is housed under the umbrella of Salem Media Group, which means your book is too!

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Statement of Faith

Today more than ever, Christian values are under attack in every form of media possible. Xulon Press has made a promise. That promise is that we will be a platform for books that only uphold the gospel of Jesus Christ – and none other.