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Author Press Releases

August 2008 Author Press Releases

Aug 27 Author Debuts Christian Life 101, a Crash Course on Christianity
Aug 27 Book Takes Nonpartisan Look at America's Christian Origins
Aug 27 Book's Ten Simple Sermons Arrest Attention of People Everywhere
Aug 27 New Book Seeks to Implement Lasting Change in God's World
Aug 27 Seafaring Tale of Adventure and Romance Makes a Splash in Bookstores
Aug 26 New Xulon Title Discovers the Garden of God's Personal Promises
Aug 26 New Title Urges Readers to Bring Deliverance to God's Creation
Aug 26 New Xulon Title Increases Trust and Intimacy Between Marrieds
Aug 14 Poetry Collection Relates Author's Victory Over Crushing Odds
Aug 14 Holy Spirit-Authored Book Exposes Religious Hypocrisy
Aug 05 Xulon Title Scrutinizes Economic Prosperity of the Clinton Era
Aug 05 Mother of Special Needs Child Pens Book on God's Faithfulness
Aug 04 Adoptee Pens Powerful Message of God's Hope and Healing