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Author Press Releases

November 2017 Author Press Releases

Nov 30 Xulon Author Encourages Christians to Free Themselves From the World's System
Nov 30 Xulon Author Describes Personal Transformation
Nov 30 Xulon Release Prepares Christians for Eternal Life
Nov 30 Survivor of Rwandan Genocide Writes to Help Others Heal After Loss
Nov 30 Xulon Author Guides Time Management to Prepare for Eternity
Nov 30 Xulon Author Illuminates The Bible as One Single Story
Nov 30 Xulon Author Calls Out Erroneous Bible Translations
Nov 28 Reverend Encourages Thinking Outside Denomination
Nov 28 New Xulon Release Featured in News for Detailing Female Friendship in Male-Dominated Field
Nov 28 Orthodox Priest Brings Relatable Advice to Christians in New Xulon Release
Nov 28 New Xulon Release Reaches Out to Fallen Christians and Non-Believers
Nov 28 Xulon Author Uses Experience as Hospice Chaplain to Reveal “Life's Greatest Adventure”
Nov 28 Xulon Release Instructs in Hearing God's Voice
Nov 28 Xulon Releases Guide for Grieving Parents of Children Lost Before Birth or as Infants
Nov 28 Xulon Author Encourages Believers to Receive The Blessing of God
Nov 20 New Xulon Release Encourages Curiosity in God's Plan
Nov 01 Xulon Author Releases Firsthand Account of Growing Up Black in Post-Depression Rural South