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Author Press Releases

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March 2011 Author Press Releases

Mar 31 Memoir Recounts Whirlwind Life with God
Mar 31 Supernatural Thriller Novel Spans the Eternal Story
Mar 31 Book Tells Readers: God Longs to Speak to You One-on-One
Mar 30 Hope and Help for Pornography
Mar 30 Tested faith leads to encouragement through empathy and parables
Mar 30 Personal improvement begins with God
Mar 30 The path to God is worth the journey
Mar 30 Where has the Kingdom culture gone?
Mar 30 Where do God's true servants come from?
Mar 30 God's Indelible Ink Creates True Work of Art
Mar 30 Rethinking the Rapture Theories
Mar 30 Finding a New Normal After Pain of Infant Death
Mar 30 Just Get Started: Emergency Provision Made Simple
Mar 30 Aliens and Mankind Share a Supernatural Connection
Mar 30 Discovering the power of purpose
Mar 30 Motivating others with God’s message
Mar 30 Finding God’s love through a four-legged source
Mar 30 Identifying your purpose and realizing your potential
Mar 30 Beating illness with faith and empowerment
Mar 30 Finding inner peace in the midst of turmoil
Mar 30 Standing with God in the fight of your life
Mar 30 Book Offers Glimpse into Heaven, Hope for the Bereaved
Mar 30 Epic Fantasy Novel Points Toward True King
Mar 30 Memoir Details Escape from Dangerous Cult
Mar 30 Reclaiming the Truth of the Great Commission
Mar 30 Victory Prayer Holds Key to Fulfilled Life
Mar 25 Book Tells "Other Story" within Black Community
Mar 25 Novel Follows Character
Mar 25 Reclaiming the Church's 'Light' in a Dark World
Mar 25 Success from the Ground Up, One Step at a Time
Mar 25 Finding Your Voice Again After Childhood Sexual Abuse
Mar 25 Key to Transformed Life Is Relationship with God
Mar 21 Joseph Tale Vividly Brought to Life in Biblical Fiction
Mar 18 You Are Only Limited by What You Believe God Will Do
Mar 18 Reclaiming the Promise of an Abundant Life
Mar 18 Secrets within Great Pyramid of Giza Point to One True God
Mar 18 Author Urges Readers to Step Out of Comfort Zone-into life
Mar 01 Finding Truth in an Age of Fear and Folly
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