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April 2011 Author Press Releases

Apr 30 Following God on the roadmap of life
Apr 30 Spiritual Pandemic Has a Divine Cure, Says Author
Apr 30 Rewards and hardships of live-in missionary work
Apr 30 Securing heavenly treasures on earth
Apr 30 Accessing the body’s beacon
Apr 30 How thoughts turn into actions
Apr 30 On the wings of a butterfly true romance soars
Apr 30 Unlocking the unlimited power of prayer
Apr 30 Making room for individual growth
Apr 30 Are we lacking God?
Apr 30 The ultimate friend request
Apr 30 Don’t wait on God – He’s waiting on you
Apr 30 Using the Bible as the roadmap of life
Apr 30 Gaining a new perspective on tribulation
Apr 30 Surviving and Succeeding by Faith
Apr 30 Locating life’s real treasures
Apr 30 Unlocking the unlimited power of prayer
Apr 29 New Book Explores 2012 Apocalyptic Debate
Apr 29 'Believing Forward’ Unleashes Principles of Blessing
Apr 29 With strong faith comes successful prayer
Apr 29 Fighting the cycle of abuse with God’s help and healing
Apr 29 Delving into the Scriptures and discovering the answers
Apr 29 Following God’s instructions for raising children
Apr 29 Quality literature for the next generation
Apr 29 The power of commitment
Apr 29 Who destroyed the organic industry?
Apr 29 Overcoming the destruction of childhood abuse
Apr 29 Inspiring New Novel Depicts Tale of the 1918 Influenza Epidemic
Apr 29 Serving God to serve others
Apr 29 Refusing the expulsion of God
Apr 15 Differing religions, one common bond
Apr 15 Author Uncovers Ancestor's History
Apr 15 Holding onto hope for a modern-day miracle
Apr 15 Christians, stand strong and take back America!
Apr 15 Leading through the darkest of times
Apr 15 Using encouragement to find purpose
Apr 15 Tragedy brings challenges and miracles that strengthen faith
Apr 15 Embracing the power of overwhelming grace
Apr 15 Preparing today for the endtime
Apr 05 Getting Free from Pornography’s Clutch
Apr 05 Motivating others with God’s message
Apr 05 Author Finds Healing, Restoration after Horrific Loss
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