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Author Press Releases

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May 2011 Author Press Releases

May 31 What is the church’s true motive to serve?
May 31 Always have hope: breaking the cycle of rejection
May 27 God: the Composer and Maestro of life’s overture
May 27 Learning to prepare for life after the Rapture
May 27 Love: the missing core message in today’s church
May 27 Is America’s government and economy out of control?
May 27 Sailing to America: one journey that changed several lives
May 27 God’s grace enables Christians to survive and thrive
May 27 Falling in love at a retirement facility
May 27 Escaping subliminal controls and exposing the evil
May 27 Calvinism vs. Arminianism: a debate on faith and freewill
May 27 Walking through fear to find the silver lining
May 27 Taking the time to listen and join with heaven
May 26 Author Provides Antidote to a Life of Fear: Faith
May 26 Texas Minister’s Memoir Recalls Early 20th Century Life
May 26 Get to Know the God Who Loves and Laughs, Says Author
May 26 Horrific Tale of Abuse Leaves Readers with Hope
May 26 New Book Spotlights Bond between Humans and Animals
May 26 Breaking free from the bondage and accepting God’s open arms
May 26 Gaining the strength to walk out on domestic abuse
May 26 Making bedtime less painful and scary for sick children
May 26 Breathing new life into traditional rhythmic, rhyming poetry
May 26 Teenager’s faith impacts others even after her death
May 17 Former Vicar Brings Miraculous Healing to Modern Readers
May 02 Identifying your purpose and realizing your potential
May 02 Beating illness with faith and empowerment
May 02 Author Uncovers Ancestor’s History
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