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Author Press Releases

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December 2014 Author Press Releases

Dec 23 Xulon Title Unlocks Crucial Steps to Fulfilling Your Destiny
Dec 23 Xulon Title Invites Godly Practices into the Doctor's Office
Dec 22 Xulon Author's Year of Ups and Downs Make for Original Psalms
Dec 22 Xulon Title Enables Generations to Obtain their Divine Destinies
Dec 22 Experience God’s Goodness and Victory through High Praise
Dec 22 Xulon Book Delves into the Topic of the Lord's Sovereign Reign
Dec 19 Restoration is Possible for Any Marriage When Jesus is Involved
Dec 19 Third in the 'Islamerica' series, Xulon Title Goes Beyond Entertainment
Dec 19 Xulon Book Creates Awareness--Do We Smell like Christ?
Dec 18 Xulon Title Declares that Producing Positivity Can Change a Life
Dec 17 Xulon Book Fills Readers in on Answers to Defend their Beliefs
Dec 17 Xulon Title Provides the Foundation to Produce Godly Confidence
Dec 12 Xulon Title Prompts Readers to Face Reality According to the Bible
Dec 12 Xulon Guide Leads to Success, Emphasizes Partnering with God
Dec 12 Discover a Delightful Love Story Set on a Pineapple Plantation
Dec 12 Xulon Title Enlightens Readers to the Symbolism Behind 'Siloam'
Dec 10 Xulon Guide Debunks Luck and Fate, Points to the Power of Choice
Dec 10 Xulon Titles Builds Biblical Concepts Upon Jesus, the Foundation
Dec 09 Xulon Book Shares How to Pray in a Way that Will Gain Answers
Dec 08 Xulon Title Features Previously Unknown Biblical Truths to All
Dec 08 New Xulon Book: Looking at God's Lessons in Laymen's Terms
Dec 08 Xulon Title Looks Outside of the Box to God's Incredible Plans
Dec 08 Xulon Book Highlights Christ's Ministry of Reconciliation, and More
Dec 08 Xulon Title Journeys with Furry Friends to Experience Heaven
Dec 08 Xulon Book: One Testimony Will Forever Alter How You See God
Dec 05 Learn to Step into an Intimate Place with the Creator of All
Dec 04 Discover Your Incredible Divine Calling Within New Xulon Book
Dec 03 Critical Details that Affect Believers Today Found in Xulon Title
Dec 03 Xulon Book Exposes Satan's Existent Plan to Destroy the Youth
Dec 03 Xulon Book: Shoes Symbolize Each Aspect of One Woman's Life
Dec 03 Xulon Title Imparts the Most Essential and Key Ingredient to Life
Dec 03 Believers Experience the Fullness of God's Plans with Xulon Title
Dec 02 Xulon Title Provides Biblical Mentorship for the Next Generation
Dec 01 Breakthrough Book from Xulon Uncovers a Secret Formula to Improve Your Life
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