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Author Press Releases

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November 2014 Author Press Releases

Nov 30 Xulon Title Refreshes the Church to Experience a Move of God
Nov 30 Supernatural Provision in a Financial Crisis Shown in Xulon Book
Nov 26 Xulon Title Challenges Readers to Make Necessary Adjustments
Nov 26 Xulon Book Shares Original Poetry that Will Make You Think
Nov 26 Xulon Autobiography Imparts the Reality of God's Faithfulness
Nov 26 Xulon Title Expresses our Creator's Messages in Poetic Form
Nov 26 Xulon Title Parallels the Appalachian Trail to a Spiritual Journey
Nov 26 Xulon Book Journeys through One Teen's Imagination, Visions
Nov 26 Xulon Book Presents an Uplifting Journey of Spiritual Growth
Nov 26 Xulon Series Improves the Issue of Conflict Among School Kids
Nov 25 New Xulon Book Provides In-Depth Research of God's Creation
Nov 25 Xulon Title Uplifts Downcast Spirits, No Matter What the Situation
Nov 25 Xulon Book Follows One Orphan from Haiti that Encountered God
Nov 24 A Unique Gift Leads to Chaos, Fame, Pain, and Ultimate Purpose
Nov 21 A Thrilling Chase Reveals a Terrorist Operation Right at Home
Nov 21 Witness the Evidence of God's Workings within New Xulon Title
Nov 21 Xulon Book Guides Readers to Living Victoriously Each Day
Nov 21 Xulon Title Provides Four Stages to Strategically Thriving in Life
Nov 21 'Warriors' Exposes the Devil, and Teaches Eight Vital Lessons
Nov 19 Xulon Titles Examines the Women of the Word--Draws Inspiration
Nov 19 Xulon's Historical Fiction Follows One Woman's Unique Destiny
Nov 19 Xulon Color Book Influences Children to Read, Helps them Learn
Nov 19 Xulon Title Aids Scholars, Beginners Alike with Solid Foundation
Nov 19 Xulon Title Spotlights the Incredible Details of Dr. Boone's Life
Nov 18 Learn How to Make the World a Better Place in New Xulon Title
Nov 17 Xulon Book Shows God's Character Amidst a Unique Adventure
Nov 17 Xulon Title Highlights Grace, and the Very Real Existence of God
Nov 13 Xulon Title Sets Forth the Blueprint to True Fulfillment as a Single
Nov 12 Xulon Title Aids Readers to Regain Focus, Identity During Trials
Nov 12 Xulon Autobiography Openly Shares Hope for Cancer Patients
Nov 12 Follow the Extraordinary Ministry of Two Home Missionaries
Nov 10 Xulon Title, Part of Series, Provides Clear Breakdown of Scripture
Nov 10 Practical Devotional and Commentary in One within Xulon Book
Nov 10 Xulon Book Guides Readers through Perilous Times in the Cascades
Nov 07 Xulon Title is the Go-to Resource for Committed Christian Singles
Nov 07 God's Blood Covenant in its Simplest Form within Xulon Book
Nov 06 Remembering a Great Man, Who Brings Inspiration with Xulon Title
Nov 06 Xulon Title Exemplifies Building Bridges of Love in Any Situation
Nov 06 Xulon Book Reminds Readers that God has a Plan for their Lives
Nov 06 Xulon Title Examines Bible Miracles, and What to Expect Today
Nov 05 Uncover God's Character in Vibrant Children's Book from Xulon
Nov 05 Xulon Title is a Wake Up Call to Christians--The Church is Failing
Nov 05 A Collection of Poems Bends the Rules, and Incites Creativity
Nov 04 New Xulon Title Equips Parents and Students with Peace, Victory
Nov 04 Ten Keys will Transform Your Life, Naturally and Supernaturally
Nov 04 Xulon Children's Book is Filled with Learning, Fun, and Dancing
Nov 04 Xulon Title Compiles Inspiring Stories that Will Touch Every Heart
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