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Author Press Releases

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October 2014 Author Press Releases

Oct 31 Xulon Book Empowers Leaders to Fulfill the Great Commission
Oct 31 Readers Can Identify with the Divine Messages in New Xulon Title
Oct 31 Famed Musician Shares Four Decades of Wisdom in Xulon Book
Oct 31 Xulon Books Guide Readers as They Delve into the Word of God
Oct 31 Xulon Title Invites Readers to Discover God, Purpose, and More
Oct 31 How to Hear Directly from Heaven--Instructions in Xulon Title
Oct 31 Xulon Book Depicts Trusting in the Lord in All Circumstances
Oct 31 Find Peace Amidst the Holiday Chaos with New Xulon Book
Oct 29 Impact Future Generations with Instruction from New Xulon Book
Oct 29 Xulon Book Reminds Readers of Hope Amidst the End Times
Oct 29 Wholesome Tales will Uplift and Comfort Hurting Children
Oct 29 New Xulon Title Highlights the Great Commission for Growth
Oct 29 Xulon Title Activates Dynamic Spiritual Growth with Five Lessons
Oct 28 New Xulon Title Calls Women to Arise and Know Their Identities
Oct 27 New Xulon Book Evokes Dynamic Leadership in Today's Church
Oct 27 Prayer Empowers Believers to Rise Above the Negativity in Life
Oct 27 Xulon Title Addresses Offense and Abuse within the Church
Oct 24 Uplifting Devotions that Refresh Your Perspective in Xulon Book
Oct 23 Follow as a Village Resolves a Conflict and Heals, in Xulon Book
Oct 23 Xulon Book: Forgiveness Leads to a Blessed Life of Freedom
Oct 22 Xulon Title in Spanish Helps Readers Acknowledge Jesus Daily
Oct 22 Xulon Book Leads Readers from Bad Choices to Genuine Surrender
Oct 22 New Xulon Book Exposes the Generational Threat of Alcoholism
Oct 21 Xulon Book Illustrates Unconditional Love through Brokenness
Oct 21 Xulon Title Testifies of the Author's Breathtaking Discoveries
Oct 21 New Xulon Book Addresses Sensitive Topics, and Brings Peace
Oct 21 New Xulon Title Provides Vital Instruction to the Bride of Christ
Oct 20 Xulon Title Equips Readers to Better Understand Life's 'Detours'
Oct 20 Imaginative Xulon Title Teaches Readers Unforgettable Lessons
Oct 16 Sonier's 'Bright Realm' Awakens Readers' Sense of Adventure
Oct 16 Seek and Gain a Deeper Spiritual Relationship in New Xulon Title
Oct 15 One Nurse Stands Up for Justice, and the Rights of Her Patients
Oct 13 Xulon Title Provides a Fresh Look into the Traditions of Judaism
Oct 13 Xulon Book Entertains Readers with Relatable Family Drama
Oct 10 Walk with God through Gun Shots, Single-Parenting, and More
Oct 10 Xulon Title Inspires All to Delve into a Deeper Intimacy with God
Oct 09 A Deadly Disease is Killing the Church, But is All Hope Lost?
Oct 08 Second Edition of Equestrian Bestseller is Released by Xulon
Oct 07 How to Obtain Powerful, 'Transformational Leadership' in Xulon Title
Oct 07 Christ's Unconditional Love is Put on Display in New Xulon Title
Oct 06 New Xulon Title Delves into God's Promise, Given to the Woman
Oct 06 How Can Fasting, Praying, and Giving Make a Real Difference?
Oct 03 Xulon Book: International Adventure Transports Readers in Time
Oct 03 God's Truth is Made Known to One Woman in New Xulon Title
Oct 03 New Xulon Title Tears Down the Stigmas that Divide Women
Oct 02 Civitts Aids Readers to Revive their Brightest Dreams
Oct 02 Anderson Enlightens Readers to their Potential in God's Hands
Oct 01 Xulon Book Tells a Radical Testimony to Help Set Others Free
Oct 01 Practical Teachings and Points for Meditation in New Xulon Title
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