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Author Press Releases

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September 2014 Author Press Releases

Sep 30 God Turns a Bad Situation into an Opportunity to Seek Redemption
Sep 30 Author Aims to Uplift Readers, Particularly Hurting Women
Sep 30 New Xulon Title is a Godly Guide for Single, Christian Women
Sep 30 Giddings Sheds Light on Overlooked Issue in the School System
Sep 30 Owens Borrows Values and Ethics from Generations Passed
Sep 30 Join a Quest to Discovering Life's Hidden Treasures in Xulon Book
Sep 30 New Xulon Title Uncovers Facets of God's Love and His Justice
Sep 30 Xulon Guide Prepares Christian Workers for Every Type of Battle
Sep 29 Triumph in the Midst of Life Altering Storms with New Xulon Book
Sep 29 New Xulon Title will 'Push' Readers Towards Healing and Fulfillment
Sep 29 A Breathtaking True Story Lives On through the Generations
Sep 25 Discover How to Revive Broken Life Dreams in New Xulon Book
Sep 23 Explore Intimate, Unseen Places of Worship in New Xulon Book
Sep 23 New Xulon Title Shares Raw Joy, Love, and Laughs Amidst Pain
Sep 23 The Emphasis is on the Power of Forgiveness in New Xulon Title
Sep 11 An Uplifting Concept: 'Signs' from God on the Journey of Life
Sep 09 New Xulon Color Book Shares Themes of Forgiveness and Love
Sep 09 New Xulon Title Sheds Light on God's Mysterious Servants
Sep 09 New Xulon Book Reminds Readers to Never Lose Faith
Sep 09 A Modern Take on the Biblical Nativity Story in New Xulon Book
Sep 08 New Xulon Book Redefines Relationships, and the Identity of Man
Sep 05 New Xulon Book Follows the Life of Esther, through Her Eyes
Sep 05 The Path to Healing from a Paralyzing Force found in New Xulon Title
Sep 05 New Xulon Book Shares the Heart of God with Original Artwork
Sep 05 A Message of Faith is Tucked into Well-Rounded Murder Mystery
Sep 03 New Xulon Title Teaches the Biblical Route to Overcoming
Sep 03 Discover God through the Lens of Creativity in New Xulon Book
Sep 02 New Xulon Title Enables Readers to Find their True Value in God
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