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Author Press Releases

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August 2014 Author Press Releases

Aug 31 True Fulfillment is Found in One Source, States New Xulon Book
Aug 29 New Xulon Title Inspires a More Intimate Relationship with God
Aug 29 Author Announces the Nearing Return of Christ in New Xulon Book
Aug 29 New Xulon Book: A Powerful, Relatable Testimony of Transformation
Aug 28 New Xulon Book Unlocks the Best Kept of Secrets of Real Estate
Aug 28 Set in Mid-America, New Xulon Tale Evokes Wholesome Mischief
Aug 28 New Xulon Book Lends Clear Interpretation of Bible Prophecy
Aug 25 History as it Happened—New Xulon Book Compiles Inspiring Memories
Aug 25 New Xulon Title Conveys Daily Teachings, Tidbits of Inspiration
Aug 25 Join the Ride--Soar Towards the Clouds with New Xulon Title
Aug 22 Poetry that Transforms Mindsets Compiled in New Xulon Book
Aug 22 The Identities of the 144,000 are Uncovered in New Xulon Book
Aug 21 New Xulon Series Details Jesus' Personal Teachings to the Twelve
Aug 20 Intercession as a Tool and an Expression of Love in New Xulon Book
Aug 20 New Xulon Title Tackles the Stigma of HIV/AIDS—Hope Prevails
Aug 19 New Xulon Book: A Ministry is Birthed in the Unlikeliest of Circumstances
Aug 15 New Xulon Book Unites Couples with Revelations from the Bible
Aug 14 New Xulon Book Instructs Readers How to be Led by the Spirit
Aug 13 New Xulon Title Masterfully Conveys God's Path to Success
Aug 13 New Xulon Book is the Go-to Guide for Marriage and Families
Aug 12 New Xulon Book Provides Guidance for Anyone Trapped in Addiction
Aug 12 New Xulon Title Advises Keeping God in Focus for a Great Life
Aug 11 New Xulon Book Details What Qualifies Believers as 'Heaven-Bound'
Aug 11 New Xulon Title is the End of All Excuses—Just 'Be Like Christ'
Aug 08 Xulon Book Details Encounter with Infamous Attacker, and Survival
Aug 07 Xulon Title: Why the Gospel Should Mean Anything to People Today
Aug 06 New Xulon Book—Ultimate Guide to Defending the Christian Faith
Aug 04 New Xulon Book Tells the Unheard Story of the Genesis Flood
Aug 01 New Xulon Book Provides a Forewarning of Eternal Judgment
Aug 01 New Xulon Book Shares a Revelation of God's True Character
Aug 01 New Xulon Title Empowers the Youth to Courageously Stand Up
Aug 01 New Xulon Title Guides Readers to Become Sensitive to God's Voice
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