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Author Press Releases

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July 2014 Author Press Releases

Jul 31 New Xulon Title Frees Women from the Paralyzing Pain of Abuse
Jul 17 New Xulon Book Creates Societal Solutions through Nonprofits
Jul 16 New Xulon Book Shares the Only Escape from Hell on Earth
Jul 16 Xulon Title Conveys Wisdom for Families Within a Riveting Storyline
Jul 15 New Xulon Title Shares that Power is in One's Thoughts and Words
Jul 14 New Xulon Title is an Invaluable Asset to Future Entrepreneurs
Jul 14 New Xulon Book is a Light-hearted Guide to a Common Health Issue
Jul 11 Xulon Book: Everything to Know about the Owner Builder Route
Jul 10 New Xulon Title Provides Readers with a Taste of God's Fullness
Jul 10 New Xulon Book Shares Special Moments Between Child and Parent
Jul 10 New Xulon Title Unveils Truths about the Supernatural Realm
Jul 09 New Xulon Book Reveals the Present-Day Activity of Angels
Jul 09 New Xulon Book Tells How God's Word Can Transform Conditions
Jul 09 New Xulon Title Displays the Reality of God's Existence in Nature
Jul 08 New Xulon Title Exposes the Truth about the Founding Fathers
Jul 08 New Xulon Book Drives Ordinary Men to Become Extraordinary Dads
Jul 08 New Xulon Title Honors a Ministry Fueled by a Love for Christ and People
Jul 07 New Xulon Title Delves into Intriguing Details about the Civil War
Jul 02 New Xulon Title Advocates Prioritizing Time with God, Daily
Jul 02 New Xulon Book Offers the Proven Keys to True Peace and Joy
Jul 01 Xulon Book Shares the Author's Love and Losses, and God's Role
Jul 01 New Xulon Title Delves into the Spiritual Side of Wellness
Jul 01 New Xulon Book—The Beauty Manual for Women Everywhere
Jul 01 New Xulon Title Offers Insight and Encouragement During Trials
Jul 01 New Xulon Book Proclaims a Biblical Call to Action
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