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Author Press Releases

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February 2015 Author Press Releases

Feb 27 Xulon Children's Book Shares Wisdom about the Spiritual Realm
Feb 27 Xulon Title in Color Delivers a Christian Theme, Animals, and More
Feb 27 Xulon Novel: Imaginative Story Reveals the Nature of God
Feb 27 Xulon Book Focuses on Key Areas for Spiritual Victory and More
Feb 26 Xulon Novel Will Inspire the Youth to Grow in their Spiritual Walks
Feb 26 Xulon Guide Aids Readers to Tackle the Past, Obtain Happiness
Feb 26 Xulon Book: A Timely Message that Addresses Persecution Today
Feb 25 Xulon Title Delves into the Little Known 'Absolute Truth' of God
Feb 25 Xulon Title Reveals How Pray to Yield Results in Every Situation
Feb 25 Xulon Book Records the Highlights of Sixty-Two Years in Ministry
Feb 25 Xulon Guide Sheds Light on Maximizing Today's School System
Feb 20 Xulon Guide Delivers an Expanded Revelation on Biblical Grace
Feb 12 Engaging Workbook Opens Algebra's Gateway for Students
Feb 12 Does God Want People to be Happy? Xulon Title Delivers Answers
Feb 12 Xulon Guide Provides 'Remedial' Benefits for People Seeking Hope
Feb 09 Xulon Book Guides Readers in Personal Growth, Understanding
Feb 09 Xulon Title Eliminates the Roots of Anger and Conflict with Love
Feb 09 Xulon Title Reveals the Power and Authority in Simply Believing
Feb 06 Xulon Title Ensures Successful Parenting with Spiritual Insights
Feb 06 Xulon Book Reveals the Purpose that God has Instilled in Mankind
Feb 05 Xulon Title Delivers Joy, Hope, and Strength to Broken People
Feb 04 Xulon Book Shares Insights on Christ's Most Powerful Sermon
Feb 04 Complete with Illustrations, Xulon Book Points the Youth to God
Feb 04 Xulon Book Expresses Dissatisfaction with Lying Politicians
Feb 04 Xulon Title Delivers a Platform for God to Speak Directly to You
Feb 02 Xulon Children's Book Builds Thoughtful Habits for Young Readers
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