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Author Press Releases

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April 2017 Author Press Releases

Apr 28 New Book Is an Inspiring Look at Modern Medicine and Realistic Faith
Apr 28 New Book Offers a Unique Mix of Fantasy and Faith
Apr 28 New Book Enlightens Those Who Have Been Abused
Apr 28 New Book Offers Directional Blueprint to Reach the Synergy of Knowledge
Apr 28 New Book is a Collection of Fascinating, True Stories from Author's 35 Years of Family Practice Medicine
Apr 26 New Book is a Modern Day David Verses Goliath Story
Apr 26 New Book of Inspirational Poetry is filled with Life Lessons
Apr 26 New Book Helps Readers Find Hope in the Midst of the Storm through God's Word
Apr 26 New Book Brings 1960's Brooklyn Back To Life By Focusing On The Unique Story of A Young Woman Who Wanted More As She Struggled To Define What “More” Meant For Her
Apr 26 New Book of Poetry Offers Hope to Broken Souls
Apr 26 New Book is a Post-Apocalyptic Story That Will Keep Readers Captive to the End
Apr 26 New Book Helps Transcend Difficulties and Transform Lives to be Filled with Lasting Joy
Apr 26 New Book Offers Enriching Way to Spend Time with God
Apr 26 New Book Shares that Our Identity Isn't Found in the Labels and Stamps the World Places on Us
Apr 26 New Book Inspires Readers that One Can Never Limit God
Apr 21 New Devotional Tells How the Lord Can Lighten Loads and Remove Fears by His Power
Apr 21 New Book Shares Message that God's Grace and Love Can Free You from All Sin
Apr 21 New Book is a Guide for New Pastors to Help Them Understand and Master the Fundamentals of Being a Pastor
Apr 21 New Book is A Thought-Provoking Look at Being Responsible to Oneself
Apr 21 New Book Asks Readers: Where is God in this Abstract of Life?
Apr 21 New Book Answers the Question: What is the Purpose of Job?
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