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Author Press Releases

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May 2017 Author Press Releases

May 31 New Book Encourages Readers to Win at Life
May 31 New Book Offers Universal Harmony through the Maintenance of Peace
May 31 New Book Offers Testimonials that will Strengthen Mind, Body, and Spirit
May 31 Xulon Press Announces New Title, The Real History from Luke
May 31 New Book Offers Understanding of God's Principles and Solutions for Standing Strong in the End Times
May 31 New Book Outlines the Biblical View of Marriage
May 31 New Book Offers Readers All Four Gospels in One Chronological Book
May 31 New Book Reveals the Simplicity of the Gospel that is Laid Out in II Chronicles
May 31 New Book Explores the Adventures of Becoming Single Again
May 31 New Book Shows Readers How to Change Their Lives and Relationships
May 31 New Book Tackles Hard-to-Answer Bible Questions
May 31 New Xulon Press Book Will Change America's Direction Forever
May 31 New Book is Inspirational and Enlightening
May 23 New Book Invites Readers to Dive into Their Darkest Fears
May 23 New Book Offers Insight and Inspiration on Leading Well and Enjoying Ministry
May 23 New Book Offers Hope through Author's Struggles and Successes
May 23 New Book Introduces People to the Christian Faith
May 23 New Book Shares that God Loves us and Leads us by His Spirit
May 23 New Book Shares the Gospel of Jesus Christ with Readers
May 23 New Book Is About Eternal Worship
May 23 Awaken to the “Good News” of God's Word, Restoring Your Vision, Revealing Your Destiny and Unlocking Your Full Potential as a Child of the King!
May 23 Award-Winning Release Offers Awareness on One of the Top Issues Facing Military Families today
May 23 New Book Helps Believers See God's Plan for Creation
May 23 New Book Helps Make Celebrating the New Year a Family Affair
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