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April 2020 Author Press Releases

Apr 28 Get Started and Don't Let Self-Doubt or Fear Hold You Back Any Longer!
Apr 23 There Are No Words to Describe the Downward Spiral of Addiction, But There is Hope.
Apr 23 Those Who Are Stressed and Grieving Can Find Peace and Healing Through Coloring.
Apr 23 Opening Minds to What The Future Holds: Readers Will Understand God's Message
Apr 23 The Book That Men and Their Wives Have Been Waiting For – A Critical Read for Life.
Apr 22 Our Heavenly Father Provides for the Health and Well-Being of All His Children
Apr 22 Author Knows Firsthand that Prayer Changes Lives and Encourages Others to Experience It
Apr 22 Regardless of the Darkness that Surrounds You, God is Always in Control
Apr 17 We Can Find Freedom When We Look at Christ's Love and Choose to Live for Him
Apr 17 This Medical Mystery Will Fascinate Young Adult Readers As They Solve the Case
Apr 17 An Unforgettable Life: A Father Remembers His Son's Life and Powerful, Inspiring Light
Apr 15 New Book Gives Advice on Providing Support to Widows and Widowers
Apr 15 What God Has Done for His Children in the Past, He Can Do Still Today
Apr 15 No Matter the Obstacles in Your Way, Your Life is Worth Fighting For
Apr 15 Alaska is Uniquely Placed in America's Geography; Will it Also Have a Unique Future?
Apr 13 Discovering What A good and Loving Father the Lord Is: Letting God Be Your Father
Apr 13 Neither Death, Nor Life, Nor Angels, Nor Principalities…Nor Basketball
Apr 06 Miracles Still Happen: Author's Storms Break and Rays of Sun Shine Through.
Apr 06 Jesus Gave The Gifts of Potential to Bless and Enrich Our Lives – What Do We Do Now?
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