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May 2020 Author Press Releases

May 28 You Know That the Jews Traded Barabbas for Jesus, But Do You Know the Rest?
May 28 Xulon Author Gives Readers the Opportunity to Deepen Their Faith and See God's Grace.
May 28 Xulon Author's Chapter Book Showcases Friendship and Imagination.
May 27 Biscotti for Any Time of the Day for All People: A Cookbook
May 27 Sharing the Ways of How to Overcome the Pit of Poverty: Author Gives Insight to Readers
May 26 A Devotional for Traveling Down Route 66 Through Oklahoma for Men and Women of All Ages
May 26 Many are the Voices of the Children Who Cry, Unheard, For a Loving Home
May 22 We Can All Read the Same Bible, Yet Experience God in a Myriad of Ways. Here's Why.
May 19 New Novel Explores Truths About Reality and the Source of Power
May 19 Collection of Poetry Expresses Feelings Too Deep for Words
May 19 The Right Person Can Shine Their Light, Even Through Pain and Disease
May 18 Award Nominee, Author and Speaker Tells Another Side of the Story
May 18 Revolutionary New Author Points Readers to the Heart of God
May 18 An Inside Look at the Legendary Blackwood Brothers Quartet
May 18 New Edition of World War II Story Reminds Readers of Soldiers' Sacrifice
May 14 Author's Story of Personal and Spiritual Growth, Combined with Scriptural References, Encourages, Uplifts, and Enlightens Readers.
May 14 This Personal Memoir Covers Love, Marriage, and Faith as Author Shares Life Story.
May 14 Biblical Commentary Offers Readers Perspective on Jesus, the Son of God, Through Scholarship and Worship
May 14 Bible Study Explains God's Word to Help Readers Understand Salvation and God's Character
May 12 Every Person Ticks a Little Differently, So Clean Your Own Clock!
May 12 God Sends Us Each Experiences That Point Back to Himself
May 05 Lifetime Storyteller Judy Carlson Publishes Her First Romance Novel
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