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February 2023 Author Press Releases

Feb 27 Riveting True Testimony Takes Readers on a Supernatural Journey Demonstrating That God is Real
Feb 27 Author Provides Her Refreshing, Unique Perspective of the Bible in Poetry Form
Feb 27 Get On Track To Achieve Your Goals By Following These Seven Steps
Feb 27 Many Parents Are Troubled By What Their Children Are Taught In School, And Help Is On The Way
Feb 27 Author's Final Sweet Gesture Offers Much-Needed Hope as Prescribed by God to All Who Will Listen
Feb 27 Moving Memoir Provides an Intimate Glimpse into Dark Thoughts, Deepest Prayers and Greatest Victories Through Faith
Feb 27 A Sleepytime Soother from an Education Expert and Curriculum Curator
Feb 27 Fictional Story Based on True Life Experiences of a Truck Driver with a Cat On Board
Feb 27 Refreshing 31-Day Devotional Connects the Bible with Sports
Feb 21 How Has the Pandemic Tested Your Faith and What Have You Learned About Yourself and God?
Feb 21 Powerful Real Life Stories Demonstrate the Importance of Regular, In Person Worship
Feb 21 A Riveting True Survivor Story Gives Powerful Hope to Abuse Victims
Feb 21 Don't Let Satan Turn Your Mind Into His Reactive Playground
Feb 21 Eye-Opening Exploration of the Apostle Paul's Letter to the Ephesians
Feb 16 There Is More to Be Learned About the Shot Heard 'Round the World
Feb 16 Make Sure You Choose a Partner Based On Who They Are, Not Who They Could Be
Feb 16 Sometimes We Can't See the Reason Behind Our Trials Until We Know Who We Are
Feb 16 While Many Look to the Old Testament for Prophecy, Few Find It Here
Feb 16 Allow Beautiful Language to Speak Truth into Your Heart and Life
Feb 13 The Struggles We Fight Every Day Are Not Always What They Seem
Feb 13 The Life of a Believer Should Always Include an Element of Service
Feb 13 You Do Not Have to Make a Choice Between God and Science
Feb 13 A Study for Anyone Desiring to Come Before God Like a Little Child
Feb 06 Real Life Experiences of Caregiving While Juggling Family, Marriage and Career
Feb 06 Fascinating Memoir Chronicles Author's Later-in-Life International Mission Trip Adventures
Feb 06 Few Have Visited Heaven and Returned to Tell the Tale, But He is One of Them
Feb 06 Until You Forgive Yourself, You Cannot Start Down the Path to Healing
Feb 06 Former Race Car Driver's Inspirational Approach to Driving an Unfulfilled Life to the Winners Circle
Feb 06 If You Want Spiritual Fruit In Your Life, Start By Dropping Seeds
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