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January 2023 Author Press Releases

Jan 30 Powerful 60-Day Prayer Devotional Aimed at Saving and Improving Marriages
Jan 30 Author Pens Second Book in Her Inspirational Series of Prophetic Poetry
Jan 30 The Book for Anyone Who Got Bored After, “In the Beginning…”
Jan 30 Insightful 61-Week Devotional Deeply Explores the Meaning of Christ's Death and Resurrection Through Hymnology
Jan 30 God Has a Place For You to Use Your Gifts and Live Your Best Life
Jan 30 Your Money Can Work For You, You Just Need To Learn How To Manage It
Jan 30 That Dark Past Has Followed You Long Enough; It's Time to Move On
Jan 30 Delightful Book One in a Fun-to-Read Juvenile Fiction Series About a Curious Monkey Offers a Musical Twist
Jan 30 God Prepares a Church for a Storm and Has Plenty of Fun Along the Way!
Jan 30 All the Research of the Ages Cannot Compete with the Wisdom of the Creator
Jan 30 He Stepped Inside, They Shut the Door – And God's Intensity Grew
Jan 23 Leader's Guide on the Topic of Church and Divorce – Encouraging All to Never Lose Faith
Jan 19 Anyone Who Teaches That Slavery Had Biblical Roots Should Study Their History
Jan 19 Author Pens Exciting Second Book in the “My, oh my!” Character Building Series For Children
Jan 19 God Didn't Promise You Wouldn't Have Trials, But He Did Promise Not To Leave You Alone
Jan 19 Explore a Scriptural Mystery: Sign of Remembrance of the Covenant God Made with Humanity
Jan 19 Divorcees Need Extra Support and Reassurance in Their Faith
Jan 17 Allow Children's Imaginations' to Run Free with the Antics of Their Unborn Sibling
Jan 17 Prepare Children to be a Witness for Jesus Wherever They Go
Jan 17 If You Don't Know How To Start A Bible Study, Just Start With ABC
Jan 12 The Answer to Treating PTSD in Combat Veterans is to Treat it Completely
Jan 12 A Shift in Demographics Calls for a Change in Leadership Style
Jan 12 If You Think Your Decisions Only Affect You, Think Again
Jan 10 A Collection of Prayers Provides Inspiration for God's Warriors
Jan 09 Alternative Prophetic Look at the Song of Solomon Shows How His Grace Can Solve the World's Identity Crisis
Jan 09 You Can Make the Best Choice For Your Child's Education
Jan 04 If You Feel Like There Must Be More To Life, It's Because There Is!
Jan 02 Wilkerson Fans Have Another Inspiring Story To Enjoy Together!
Jan 02 Three Special Life Lessons About Family, Love and Loss—Delicately Presented To Children
Jan 02 Spiritual Warfare is the Most Powerful Weapon Against Demonic Attacks
Jan 02 If You Feel Like Giving Up, There Are Witnesses Urging You Not To
Jan 02 Author Draws a Unique Parallel Between the Modern Lottery and the Biblical Concept of Casting Lots
Jan 02 Author Encourages Readers to See Trials and Suffering as Opportunities for Growth
Jan 02 Christ Was Sent to Save Both Jews and Gentiles – His Birth Held Special Significance
Jan 02 Christian Educator Encourages Churches to Stimulate Growth
Jan 02 Author Writes What the Father Reveals to Him Regarding the Scriptures
Jan 02 Today's High Divorce Rate Is Intimidating, But There Is Hope For Marriage
Jan 02 Sometimes God May Feel Very Far Away, But He Has Never Left You
Jan 02 God Has So Much Planned for You, If You Are Ready to Receive It
Jan 02 Learn How to Leave Extra Baggage Behind and Move On to Your Destiny
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