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Foreign Language Rights Program

Here at Xulon Press, we’re laser-focused on expanding the reach of our authors’ books around the globe, whether that’s through our international advertising options, our worldwide distribution channels, or our presence at global book fairs. 

Now—in a development we couldn’t be more excited about—we’re taking that global reach one step further. We’re delighted to announce the launch of our Foreign Language Rights Program, which provides authors with an opportunity to secure a traditional publishing arrangement with an international, foreign-language publisher! This program does not impact the version of your book that’s published with us; the terms of your current publishing deal with Xulon Press will remain the same, and you’ll still receive 100% of the royalties from sales of the book you’ve published with us. Foreign Language Rights Program provides additional opportunities to spread your message, and earn hundreds or thousands of dollars in extra royalties from the translated versions of your book, which will be sold by international publishers.

So, how does it work? Simple. Enroll your book in the program, and our team of literary agents will scour their network of more than 2,700 successful international publishers and pitch your book to potential publishing partners. Our agents have helped thousands of independently published books land lucrative publishing deals with international publishers. These publishers have a proven track record in publishing, printing, and selling books in a multitude of genres. Did you know that 30% of global book sales ($28 billion) are from translated titles and that most of those were originally published in the U.S.?

What makes this program successful is that our team of literary agents are well-connected, strategic, experienced (more than twenty-five years!), and have longtime connections with most of the publishers they sell to. Plus, our agents believe in self-published titles, licensing more than 100 just in the past year. Their pitches are targeted and selective. They will zero in on publishers who have picked up similar titles in the past, or already indicated an interest in the book within their digital catalog of offerings.

And just like a traditional publishing contract, this program offers our authors the opportunity to earn royalties. In fact, in order for a publisher to secure the license to translate and republish the book, most authors will be offered an advance against future royalties that are theirs to keep. On average, a license in one language earns an author between $1,600 and $4,000 in royalties.

Would you like the opportunity for your book to be published and purchased in over 120 countries, and printed in more than 180 languages? Reach out to your representative today for details on how to enroll your book in our Foreign Language Rights Program

Want to know more? Check out our Foreign Language Rights FAQ page for additional information!