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Author Press Releases

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August 2013 Author Press Releases

Aug 31 New Xulon Title Provides Key Information for 'Proper Funerals'
Aug 31 New Xulon Title: Healing through Christ, How Art Played a Part
Aug 31 New Kids Cookbook from Xulon Press is Recipe for Family Fun
Aug 31 New Xulon Title Urges Readers to Focus on the Future, Christ
Aug 31 New Xulon Title is a Guide Based Completely on God's Word
Aug 31 New Xulon Children's Book: Wonderful Take on Educating Kids
Aug 31 New Xulon Book--How God Used One Man to Touch Many Lives
Aug 31 New Xulon Book Points Out Biblical Truths for Successful Living
Aug 30 New Xulon Title Empowers Readers to Live Out Complete Victory
Aug 30 New Xulon Title Delves into Most Controversial Book in the Bible
Aug 30 New Xulon Book Details Concept with the Power to Impact Lives
Aug 30 New Xulon Book for Anyone Desiring to Better Know God
Aug 30 New Xulon Title--Establishing Discipline for Defending the Faith
Aug 29 New Xulon Book Promotes Power through Faith and Belief
Aug 29 New Xulon Title--Light-hearted Autobiography Highlights Christ
Aug 29 New Xulon Book Touches on God's Purpose in a Great Nation
Aug 29 New Xulon Book Immerses the Reader in God's True Love
Aug 29 New Xulon Title Helps Readers Gain Fresh Revelation of God's Plan
Aug 28 New Xulon Title Brings Forth the Truth, Eliminates Fear
Aug 28 New Xulon Book Tackles Common Detrimental Views on Money
Aug 27 New Xulon Title: A Completely New Take on Pursuing Employment
Aug 26 New Xulon Title Simplifies the Approach in Texas Hold'em
Aug 26 New Xulon Book: Relevant Facts on the Hot Abortion Issue
Aug 26 New Xulon Title Spotlights the Life of 'Modern day Mueller'
Aug 26 New Xulon Book Lends In-Depth Understanding of Child Abuse
Aug 14 New Xulon Title: Poetry Book that Transforms Readers' 'Vision'
Aug 13 New Xulon Book: An Uplifting Read and the Hope of Redemption
Aug 12 New Xulon Title--Key to Divine Peace in a Chaotic World
Aug 12 New Xulon Book Examines the Past and the Influences of Today
Aug 09 New Xulon Book Dissects the 'Anatomy' of True Happiness
Aug 08 New Xulon Title Exposes Mistakes, Catalyst for Lifestyle Change
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