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Author Press Releases

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November 2013 Author Press Releases

Nov 25 New Xulon Book is a Practical Devotional for Every Woman
Nov 22 New Xulon Book is a Testament of Faith that Overcame Tragedy
Nov 21 New Xulon Book Points to the Significance of Pursuing Holiness
Nov 21 New Xulon Title: Innovative, Next-Level Reading Experience
Nov 21 New Xulon Book Uncovers the Root of Physical and Spiritual Disease
Nov 21 New Xulon Title Awakens Readers to God's Ever-Lasting Power
Nov 19 New Xulon Book: Unique Take Opposes Common Christian Views
Nov 19 New Xulon Title Builds Children Up with the Truth of the Bible
Nov 19 Are God and Allah the Same? New Xulon Title Exposes Facts
Nov 19 New Xulon Book is a Relevant Message for All Women Today
Nov 19 New Xulon Title Spotlights the Character Traits of Queen Esther
Nov 18 New Xulon Book Awakens Readers to God's Abiding Presence
Nov 18 New Xulon Title--Author's Free Prescription to a 'Merry Heart'
Nov 15 New Xulon Book Expresses a True Tale of Seeking and Finding God
Nov 13 New Xulon Title Mobilizes the Church, Strategy Guarantees Growth
Nov 13 New Xulon Book Focuses on Power Ministry in the End-Times
Nov 12 New Xulon Book Leads a Movement that Dismisses All Forms of Evil
Nov 11 New Xulon Title Answers Age-Old Question, 'Does Heaven Exist?'
Nov 11 New Xulon Book Presents an Expert's Say on a Poignant Topic
Nov 11 New Xulon Title Shares God's Existence in Distinctive Manner
Nov 08 New Xulon Devotional Advocates Acting Intentionally for Christ
Nov 08 New Xulon Book Communicates the Gospel through Modern Parables
Nov 07 New Xulon Title Details a Child's Battle of Life and Death
Nov 07 New Xulon Book Combines Music, Recipes and Family Tradition
Nov 07 New Xulon Title Builds Confidence in the Next Generation
Nov 07 New Xulon Book Evokes a Drive for Change Outside of the Church
Nov 06 New Xulon Book Builds and Solidifies Readers' Faith in God
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