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Author Press Releases

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October 2013 Author Press Releases

Oct 31 New Xulon Book is an Invitation into God's Presence for All
Oct 31 New Xulon Title--A Nurse's Guide that Can Save a Life
Oct 31 New Xulon Title Evokes Readers to Bring Forth Positive Change
Oct 31 New Xulon Title Imparts Powerful Message of Overcoming
Oct 31 New Xulon Book Reveals Miracles in the Author's Life
Oct 31 New Xulon Book: Various Approaches to Conquering Anger
Oct 30 New Xulon Title Supports the Authority of the Bible with Fact
Oct 30 New Xulon Book: A Testament of Laura Haviland's Servant Heart
Oct 30 New Xulon Book Shares an Uplifting Message for Pet Lovers
Oct 29 New Xulon Title Shares the Author's Greatest Life Lessons
Oct 29 New Xulon Title Takes a Deeper Look at the Bible's Book of Praise
Oct 28 New Xulon Title is an Engaging Novel with Significant Purpose
Oct 28 New Xulon Title Brings the Bible to Life, Enhances Understanding
Oct 28 New Xulon Book Encourages the Desire for Intimacy with God
Oct 25 New Xulon Title: The Woman Who Spent Her Life Helping Others
Oct 25 New Xulon Book Delves into Psychological Ties to Hometown
Oct 24 New Xulon Title: An Invitation to Share in Encounters with God
Oct 24 New Xulon Book--Warm and Witty Novel that Captures the Heart
Oct 24 New Xulon Sci-Fi Novel Follows One Boy's Journey to His Destiny
Oct 24 New Xulon Book: Helping to End Bullying, Abuse and Negativity
Oct 24 New Xulon Title Explores the Impact People Have on One Another
Oct 23 New Xulon Book: Perfect Resource for Future Leaders
Oct 23 New Xulon Title Simplifies the Concept of Salvation for All
Oct 23 New Xulon Book Reminds Readers of the Victory in Christ
Oct 22 New Xulon Book Empowers Readers to Overcome Past Pains
Oct 21 New Xulon Title Builds Readers' Confidence in Area of Apologetics
Oct 18 New Xulon Book Takes a Deeper Look at Tithes and First Fruits
Oct 18 New Xulon Title: One Girl's True Story of Being Rescued by God
Oct 18 New Xulon Book Reveals Evidence of God's Unfathomable Love
Oct 17 New Xulon Title: Experiences that Testify of God's Character
Oct 16 New Xulon Title Encourages All through Substantial Challenges
Oct 15 New Xulon Title Provides Ultimate Solution to Emotional Hurt
Oct 15 New Xulon Book Shows Jesus in a Realistic, Approachable Light
Oct 14 New Xulon Book Celebrates the True Reason for the Season
Oct 11 New Xulon Title Empowers Readers to Impact the World
Oct 09 New Xulon Book is Account of Adversity that Led to Great Faith
Oct 07 New Xulon Title: Action-packed, Suspense Novel with Many Twists
Oct 07 New Xulon Book: Perfect Rendition of Nativity Story for Christmas
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