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Author Press Releases

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October 2016 Author Press Releases

Oct 14 Outstanding New Xulon Book Tells A Genuine Account Of One Teacher's Attempt To Win The Heart Of A Little Lost Boy – A Story Demonstrating The Power Of Love In Action
Oct 14 Inspirational New Xulon Book Shares The Author's Compelling Life Story From 47 Years Of Abuse To Recovery And Restoration Through God
Oct 14 Exciting New Xulon Fiction: The Much Anticipated Continuation Of The Popular Springdale Series Is The Follow Up Novel To The Award Winning Book, GLORY BE!
Oct 13 Riveting New Xulon Autobiography Tells The Incredible Story Of A Humbled Refugee From Liberia Who Is Changing The Lives Of Thousands Across The World
Oct 13 Compelling New Xulon Book Candidly Recounts The Author's Life As A Survivor Of Abuse – Written From His Perspective As A Christian Man
Oct 12 New Xulon Release Is The First In A Five Book Series To Allow All Of Mankind The Opportunity To Renew And Submit To God's Plan For Humanity's Sake
Oct 12 New Xulon Autobiography Shares The Author's Personal Memoir From His Lineage To His Legacy Plus Includes His Personal Thoughts, Opinions And Perspectives On Today's Important Issues
Oct 11 Inspirational New Xulon Book Proves How The Power Of The Holy Spirit Within Each Person And The Power Of Words Can Effectively Manifest Things And Situations Into Being
Oct 11 Clever New Xulon Release Provides Readers With A Special Collection Of Thoughts And Messages For Anyone Beginning A Challenging New Journey
Oct 11 Encouraging New Xulon Book Shares The Author's Riveting Personal Life Story Showing How God Can Do Anything And Find Anyone – Especially The Broken And The Lost
Oct 11 Refreshing New Xulon Release Is A Poetic Book From God As The Author Shares Her God-Given Talent With The World
Oct 11 Powerful New Xulon Book Highlights The Extreme Importance Of Praying For The Peace Of Jerusalem, The Jews, and Israel, To Prepare For The Coming Of The Lord Jesus
Oct 11 Exciting New Xulon Release Combines Science Fiction With Christian Fiction – Offers Readers A Unique, Different, And New Approach To Christian/Science Facts And Truths
Oct 10 Exciting New Xulon Juvenile Fiction Reminds Young Readers That God Made Each Of Them Special
Oct 10 Inspirational New Xulon Book Is A Compilation Of The Author's Thought-Provoking Poems And Songs � Powerful Messages Of Faith In God
Oct 10 Compelling New Xulon Book Tells The Story Of Louisiana State Senator Guillory – Revealing Important Political And Government Standpoints That All Americans Must Hear
Oct 10 Thought-Provoking New Xulon Devotional � Written By �A Parishioner In The Pew� � Tackles A Topic As Crucial As One's Freedom Of Christ And Relates It To Everyday Life
Oct 10 Exceptional New Xulon Pocket Guide Enlightens Leaders And Future Leaders, On How Best To Handle Workplace Scenarios –From Conflicts To Upholding Company's Mission Statement
Oct 10 Compelling New Xulon Book Shares One Woman's Journey Of Faith - The Author's Diary Entries Focusing On Looking To God For Answers And Finding Inspiration To Follow Dreams
Oct 10 Riveting New Xulon Fiction Presents A Heartwarming Christmas Story Of Faith, Love And Friendship That Changes Lives Forever
Oct 10 Exciting New Xulon Release Shares The Author’s Prophetic Writing And Poems – A Lesson In How To Be Born Again – A Special Book Written In Simple To Understand Language
Oct 10 Inspirational New Xulon Juvenile Fiction Tells The Intriguing, Creative and Relatable Story Of A Boy With A Special Dream To Fly
Oct 05 New Xulon Release Tells The Story Of The Author's Special Pennsylvania Farmhouse-Turned Spiritual Retreat – And Shares A Powerful Message Of Faith That Will Ignite Adults Of All Ages
Oct 05 Refreshing New Xulon Book Will Change The Way Readers View The Story Of Joseph And Help Them Answer The All Important Question, “Will I Say YES To God?”
Oct 04 New Xulon Autobiography Share's The Author's Story Of Heartbreak And Her Journey To Redemption And Restoration Through God – A Lifeline To All Who Have Lost Their Hope
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