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September 2016 Author Press Releases

Sep 30 Thought-Provoking New Xulon Book Offers Clarity To The Believer And Non-Believer Of What An Elder Is And Reveals Its Three Functions In The Body Of Christ
Sep 30 New Xulon Book Will Ignite A Passion To “Preach the Word” – Shares Greatest Expository Sermons Preached Under The Unction Of The Holy Spirit
Sep 30 Inspirational New Xulon Book Of Poetry Offers A Refreshing Approach To Promote Healing From Relatable Struggles In Life
Sep 30 Compelling New Xulon Book Thoroughly Explores The Origin Of The Universe, Humans, And Life Itself Through A Careful Analysis Of Biblical Beliefs � Filled With Many Surprising Revelations
Sep 30 Inspirational New Xulon Release Shares The Author’s Personal Testimony As A Guide For Anyone Interested In Meeting And Marrying The One God Has Chosen For Them
Sep 30 Powerful New Xulon Autobiography Chronicles One Man's Unbelievable Life – From His Upbringing in Vietnam To His Capture And Imprisonment In Concentration And Refugee Camps
Sep 30 Riveting New Xulon Autobiography Is A Journey Of Courage That Chronicles The Author's Adventures As She Establishes An Organization Deep Into Tribal Regions Of Zambia
Sep 30 Exciting New Xulon Juvenile Fiction Shows Young Girls How One Big Idea Can Make A Big Impact On The World
Sep 27 Unique New Xulon Book Intertwines Poetry With Space Travel And An Exciting Journey To Mars
Sep 27 Compelling New Xulon Book Reveals How God Views Both Divorce And Remarriage – A Powerful Read Which Will Set Anyone Free
Sep 27 Empowering New Xulon Book Offers Proven Strategies To Aid In The Recovery Of A Breakup And The Discovery of Joy And Triumph Over One’s Life With Grace And Purpose
Sep 26 Thought-Provoking New Xulon Book Delves Into The Story Of The Iconic Healer in Bethsaida 2,000 Years Ago � Proves How The Healer Is Still On His Mission
Sep 26 Refreshing New Xulon Cookbook By Award Winning Chef Is The First Of It's Kind � Asian/Fusion Lenten Cuisine Featuring Healthy Food Ingredients For The Soul And Body
Sep 26 Powerful New Xulon Book Is A Must Read For All Christians – Creatively Tells The Story Of Christmas As Never Heard Before
Sep 26 Adorable New Xulon Book For Children Explores The Fascinating World Of Raising Chickens From Chick Into Adulthood
Sep 26 Whimsical New Xulon Juvenile Fiction Written By National Down Syndrome Advocate Stirs Excitement In Young Readers On A Fun-Filled Trip To The Zoo
Sep 23 Compelling New Xulon Autobiography By Heart Transplant Recipient Shares Her Powerful Life Story To Remind Readers To Trust God In The Midst Every Storm
Sep 23 Thought-Provoking New Xulon Book By Youth Prison Minister Proves That God Gives His Followers A New Beginning No Matter How Many Times A Person Makes A Mistake
Sep 22 Powerful New Xulon Book Shares The Author's Testimony As A Fatherless Daughter To Encourage Others To Allow God To Lead Them To A Victorious Life As She Did
Sep 22 Entertaining New Xulon Juvenile Fiction Tells A Refreshingly Funny Story Sure To Make Readers Of All Ages Laugh Out Loud (LOL) About Their Own Bad Hair Days
Sep 20 Enlightening New Xulon Book Thoroughly Examines The Importance, Meaning, And Application Of Zephaniah 3:17 – Reminding Readers That God Sings Over Those He Loves
Sep 20 Thought-Provoking New Xulon Book Written By Presiding Bishop Of Bethel World Outreach Ministries International Provides Life Transforming Devotions To Achieve Success
Sep 20 Riveting New Xulon Book Sounds The Alarm All Over The World Of What God Is Doing Through His Church
Sep 20 New Xulon Book Of Poetry Introduces A Brand New Genre Of Writing – Faith Filled Scripture Based Words Of Exhortation And Exaltation – Written By Impressive First-Time Author
Sep 20 Exciting New Xulon Book From Internationally Known Radio Evangelist Helps Readers Find The �Living God� � A Real Person They Can Know For Themselves
Sep 20 Eye-Opening New Xulon Book Provides Unique Approach To Viewing Autism And Other Disabilities In Children – Helps Readers Discover The Beautiful Treasures Contained Within Any Disability
Sep 16 Riveting New Xulon Autobiography Is An Inspiring And Uplifting Source Of Documentary Which Every Reader Must Not Miss
Sep 16 Thought-Provoking New Xulon Book Reveals Major Concerns For The Church With Regards To Women
Sep 16 Impactful New Xulon Release Guides Christians Through Life’s Obstacles And Inner Struggles – Reminds Readers That God Is In Control And Has The Power To Do Anything
Sep 16 Exciting New Xulon Book Provides A Comparative Investigation On Albert Camus And Martin Luther King, Jr. – Two First Class Role Models Who Lived Out Their Passions For Justice And Freedom
Sep 16 New Xulon Book Is A Compelling Narrative Of The Author's Tests And Trials In Life, Revealing Her Undying Love For Christ
Sep 16 Refreshing New Xulon Book Takes Reader's On One Woman's Enlightening 3-Month Christian Journey During Lent � While Providing An Encouraging Call To Serve Others
Sep 16 Entertaining New Xulon Juvenile Fiction Creatively Teaches Young Readers Important Scripture Verses With The Help Of Some Heavenly Guardian Angels
Sep 16 Impressive New Xulon Release Assists In Unlocking A Man's Potential In Life And Leads Him Towards Experiencing A Close Relationship With Jesus Christ
Sep 16 New Xulon Book By Nationally Renowned Concert Pianist And Professional Motivational Speaker Shares A Powerful Reflection Of Life Experiences Providing Much-Needed Encouragement
Sep 16 Powerful New Xulon Fiction Is Filled With Suspense, Emotions, And An Incredible Cast Of Relatable Characters And Storylines � A Clever Plot Intertwined With Christian Values And Morals
Sep 14 Encouraging New Xulon Release Utilizes Aspects Of The Author's 28-Year Journey As A Quadriplegic To Offer Principles And Guidance To Readers For All Types Of Circumstances In Life
Sep 14 Compelling New Xulon Fiction Written By A Survivor Of Intimate Partner Violence: A Story About Painful Self-Discoveries And A Miraculous Journey To Healing
Sep 07 Powerful New Xulon Christian Novel Is A Love Story Of Redemption And Strength Based On The Author's Own Life
Sep 06 Thought-Provoking New Xulon Book Helps Believers All Over The World To Accomplish Their Mutual Yearning � To Live In Peace And Come Together As One
Sep 06 Enlightening New Xulon Book Helps Readers Learn the Truth About Who They Are By Examining An Important Question On The Minds Of Christians � �Are We All Sinners?�
Sep 05 Thought-Provoking New Xulon Biblical Study Provides Readers With An Enlightening Opportunity To Understand The Name Of God – the “I AM” – Instead Of Merely Descriptive Terms For God
Sep 05 Refreshing New Xulon Book Encourages Military Spouses To Recognize The Importance Of Their Role And Provides The Keys To A Successful Military Marriage
Sep 05 Compelling New Xulon Autobiography Reveals The Life Of A Remarkable Man – Guided By Principles, Integrity And An Unwillingness To Compromise His Dignity
Sep 05 New Xulon Autobiography Shares Some Of The Author's Most Important Experiences – Including Many Relatable Challenges – Each Helping To Form The Tapestry Of Her Life
Sep 05 Exciting New Xulon Autobiography: Riveting Page Turner Is The True Story Of Two Daring And Willing Hearts That Take Christ To The Unreached People Of Africa
Sep 05 Fabulous New Xulon Autobiography Is Guaranteed To Make Readers Laugh � And Cry � And They May Just Hear God Speaking To Them As They Read It
Sep 05 Powerful New Xulon Release Is A Must-Have Book For Abused Women–Offers Genuine Compassion, Healing, And Hope
Sep 05 Thought-Provoking New Xulon Book Exposes Mind Shocking Truths – Removes The Religious Deception Of The Color “Purple” In The Bible And Promotes Righteousness In Christ Jesus
Sep 05 Thought-Provoking New Xulon Juvenile Fiction: An Exciting And Adventurous Journey Into The Future To Find Faith
Sep 05 Enlightening New Xulon Fiction Raises Awareness Of Bipolar Disorder Through Relatable Story Of A Character Dealing With The Many Challenges This Disorder Brings
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