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August 2016 Author Press Releases

Aug 31 Riveting New Xulon Book Shares The Author's Strong Beliefs On Same Sex Marriage In America – Provides Powerful Thought-Provoking Lessons For All Readers
Aug 31 Exciting New Xulon Book Offers An In-Depth Exploration Of The Trinity of God � Known As One Of The Greatest Mysteries Of The Holy Bible
Aug 31 Encouraging New Xulon Guide Advises Readers On How To Handle Trials And Adversities In Life � To View A Sudden Turn Of Events As God's Lesson And An Opportunity For Growth
Aug 30 Encouraging New Xulon Book Is A True Story Of Faith And Courage That Captures The Beauty Of God's Grace Through The Trial Of Ovarian Cancer
Aug 29 New Xulon 30-Day Devotional Provides Refreshing Motivation Through Nuggets Of Wisdom and Thought-Provoking Solutions To Life's Problems � All Leading Readers Back To God
Aug 25 Entertaining New Xulon Juvenile Fiction Proves That No One Knows How God Will Use Them – Even A Snoring Cricket
Aug 25 New Xulon Fiction Follows One Man's Journey Into The Towns Of Life And Death, Escorted By An Angel Who Shows Him How Embracing A Christian Perspective Would Increase His Blessings
Aug 25 Powerful New Xulon Autobiography Shares The Author's Heartbreaking Yet Relatable Experiences To Show The Importance Of Faith And Forgiveness
Aug 25 Refreshing New Xulon Book From An Experienced Dog Trainer And Faithful Christian Is A Practical, Effective Guide To Changing Behavior In Dogs � And Their Owners
Aug 25 New Xulon Release For Children: A Gorgeous Book Filled With Full Color Photographs And Meaningful Scripture Guaranteed To Capture the Attention Of Young Readers
Aug 25 Thought-Provoking New Xulon Bible Study Gives Readers An Accurate, In-Depth Learning Tool To Help Them To Truly Understand The Full Value Of The Bible
Aug 25 Powerful New Xulon Book On Defeating Autism: Author Shares Her Inspiring Personal Journey With A Son Who Battles Autism And Her Strong Belief That All Things Are Possible With God
Aug 24 Impressive New Xulon Book Of Inspirational Quotes Sets The Framework For Success In Life And Inspires Readers To Manifest The Glory Of Jesus Christ
Aug 24 Exciting New Xulon Fiction – The Much Awaited Sequel To Escape From Sodom Book 1 – A Writing Sure To Delight Fans Of This Series
Aug 24 Thought-Provoking New Xulon Book Reveals Fascinating Truths Of The Bible – Provides Readers With A Clearer Understanding Of God
Aug 24 Delightful New Xulon Juvenile Fiction: A Heartwarming Holiday Story Sharing A Big Brother's Love For His Little Sister
Aug 24 Clever New Xulon Fiction Combines Romance With Biblical History – A Unique Journey Back To The Last Year Of Jesus's Ministry
Aug 24 New Xulon Book Presents The Memoirs Of A Teacher Who Taught For Forty Years While Accomplishing Extraordinary Ministry And Missions Work – An Unbelievable Journey No Reader Will Forget
Aug 24 Candid New Xulon Autobiography Shares One Woman's Journey To Spiritual, Mental And Emotional Freedom – Reveals How Challenging Childhood Experiences Shaped Her Adult Life
Aug 12 Exciting New Xulon Release: Marriage Expert And Pastor Pens A Simple But Revolutionary New Book That Will Strengthen Marriages For Years To Come
Aug 12 New Xulon Book Shares The Author's Compelling Testimony – A Story Of Overcoming Victory Despite The Many Trials, Struggles And Battles
Aug 11 Exciting New Xulon Release: A Refreshing, Simple And Easy To Understand Prayer Manual For Children – Answers Any Question The Inquisitive Mind Of A Child Might Ask About Prayer
Aug 11 New Xulon Personal Memoir Is A Powerful Story Of Love And Forgiveness: The Author's Experience Growing Up Estranged From Her Father, And Then Shockingly Reunited With Him As An Adult
Aug 10 New Xulon Devotional Based On Psalm 92:2 Encourages Christians To Know That God's Word Is Powerful And His Love And Kindness Is Worthy Of Their Daily Praise
Aug 10 Riveting New Xulon Memoir Written From Prison: Former Attorney Shares His True-Life Story Of Embezzlement, Adultery, And Divorce – And His Ongoing Search For Redemption And Forgiveness
Aug 10 Thought-Provoking New Xulon Book From Top-Notch Certified Life Coach, Shows Women Readers How To Regain The Confidence Needed To “Win Against All Odds”
Aug 10 Inspiring New Xulon Book: The Pastor Who Fell From Grace But With The Power Of God Received Restoration And Returned To the Same Pulpit Four Years Later After His Prison Experience
Aug 10 Outstanding New Xulon Book By A Top-Rated Psychologist Helps Readers To Be Restored In Their Spirit, Soul And Body � And Learn How To Get Close To, Walk With And Be Led By God
Aug 09 New Xulon Book Provides An In-Depth And Refreshing Look At The History And Leadership Of The Seventh-day Adventist Church
Aug 09 Unique New Xulon Devotional Was Written Specifically For Special Needs Christians – After The Author’s Quest To Find An Appropriate Devotional Proved To Be An Impossible Task
Aug 08 Thought-Provoking New Xulon Guidebook Inspires Readers To Not Let Devastating Events In Life, Or Confusion Of Purpose, Prevent Them From Embracing The Plan God Has For Their Lives
Aug 08 New Xulon Book Offers A Salvation Theory – Both Biblically Sound AND Appeals To The Thinking Bible Student – While Sparking The Reader's Imagination With Exciting Possibilities Awaiting In Heaven
Aug 08 Inspiring New Xulon Autobiography Reveals Author's True Life Events – Relatable Stories That Will Connect With All Readers
Aug 08 Engaging New Xulon Book Reveals Why Evangelicals Are Losing The Culture War � And Provides A Comprehensive Strategy For The Church To Win Against The Left
Aug 08 Powerful New Xulon Release Reveals God's Plan For Heaven On Earth � Asks Readers, �Is It Possible You Have Not Yet Discovered The One Truth That Could Change The Rest Of Your Life?�
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