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July 2016 Author Press Releases

Jul 30 Outstanding New Xulon Devotional Is Inspiration For The Mind, Body And Soul – Encourages Readers To Never Give Up And To Always Trust In God
Jul 30 Compelling New Xulon Book Shares Dozens Of The Author's Personal Prophetic Testimonies Showing How God Can Use An Ordinary Person In Miraculous, Supernatural Ways
Jul 30 Unique New Xulon Release: Recovering Addict Pens Authentic 365-Day Devotional Written Especially For Those In Recovery From Addictions, Hurts, And Hang-ups
Jul 30 Exciting New Juvenile Fiction: Heartwarming Story Celebrates The Special Bond Between A Grandfather And His Grandson � Intertwining A Lesson In Polio And The Importance Of Vaccines
Jul 30 Awesome New Xulon Book Is Life Changing, Educational And Biblical – A Must-Have Read For Christians And Non Christians
Jul 29 Unique New Xulon Book Of Poems Pays Tribute To A Creatively Talented Young Writer – Gone Too Soon But Will Forever Live On Through His Words
Jul 29 New Xulon Book Shares The Incredible Journey Of A Mother And Son: Their Perseverance To Endure And Share A Special Love When Facing The Son's Unexpected Life As A Paraplegic
Jul 28 Compelling New Xulon Book Shares One Man's Search For Spiritual Affirmation And His Quest To Understand Radical Islam
Jul 28 New Xulon Book Explores Classic And Social Examples Of Conformity – A Thought-Provoking Read Helping Others To Liberate Themselves From Institutional Influences
Jul 28 Powerful New Xulon Biography Recalls The Actions Of The Author's Grandfather, As He Helped Save Over One Million Greeks, Armenians and Jews From The Deadly Turks Invasion
Jul 28 New Xulon Historical Memoirs Are Filled With Extraordinary Stories That Paint Unique Pictures Of WWII Events Through The Eyes Of Families Who Lived Through These Disturbing Times
Jul 28 New Xulon Book: A Physician And An Archaeologist Synthesize Their Unique Perspectives To Produce A Fresh Perspective Of The 9/11 Attacks On America On The 15th Anniversary Of The Tragedy
Jul 28 New Xulon Book Communicates A Higher Level Of Understanding Of Competition So Individuals, Corporations, & Organizations Can Preserve/Extend The Value Of National & Historical Legacy
Jul 28 Exciting New Xulon Fiction: Christian Romance Combines The Author's Love For Horses And Her Strong Faith To Show How God Uses Many Things To Bring His Followers Closer To Him
Jul 27 Exciting New Xulon Juvenile Fiction Tells A Heartwarming Story Of Patriotism To Provide Children With A Much-Needed Understanding Of Memorial Day
Jul 27 Inspiring New Xulon Autobiography Shares Compelling Story Of One Child's Search For Truth And Freedom – A Courageous Pursuit To Live Happily Ever After
Jul 27 Refreshing New Xulon Book Of Poetry: 100+ Poems Provide Messages Of Healing, Encouragement And Empowerment In A Multicultural World
Jul 27 Thought-Provoking New Xulon Book Presents a Fresh Perspective On Tithe: Teaches Readers How To Be A Cheerful Giver And Be Blessed By God
Jul 26 Fascinating New Xulon Release Educates Readers On The Nicolaitans, As Stated In The Book Of Revelation � While Uncovering The One Thing Jesus �Hated�
Jul 25 New Xulon Release: Youth Educational Program Offers Effective Solutions To Stimulate The Inherent Desire For Learning In Children
Jul 25 Exciting New Xulon Book Tells The Story Of “True Love” – A Thought-Provoking Lesson On Relationships That Teaches Young Adults To Remain Strong Against Temptations
Jul 25 Exciting New Xulon Book: Introducing The Highly Anticipated Volume 2 In The Undiscovered Treasure Series Takes Readers On Another Unforgettable Expedition
Jul 25 Inspiring New Xulon Book Share's Author's Life Of International Adventures And The Importance Of Choosing The Right Attitude – With God's Help
Jul 25 Refreshing New Xulon Guide Presents Readers With A Unique 30-Day Prayer Challenge � To Pray Daily For Their Employer
Jul 21 Powerful New Xulon Book Shares Author's Riveting Testimony Proving That Grace And Miracles Are Available If Christians Work To Establish An Intimate Connection With God
Jul 21 Refreshing New Xulon Poetry Book Takes Readers On A Unique Spiritual Journey Of Faith And Opens Up An Arena Of God Like Never Before
Jul 21 Exciting New Xulon Release: The Highly Anticipated Book One In The 6-Book VIP Christian Series Introduces The Concept Of Being God's VIP (Vision, Intent and Purpose)
Jul 21 Impressive New Xulon Juvenile Fiction For Girls Is A Thought-Provoking Lesson In Love, Friendship And God
Jul 21 New Xulon Book Focuses On What God's Word Says About Taking Responsibility For Choices And Relying On His Path For One's Life – Reveals A Unique Perspective On The Decision Of Abortion
Jul 20 Inspiring New Xulon Book Shares The Author's Extraordinary Testimony To Encourage And Enlighten Christians To Prepare Themselves For The Calling God Has Set Out For Their Lives
Jul 20 Riveting New Xulon Book Tells A Miraculous Story Of Faith � A Genocide Survivor's Emotional Story That Will Leave Each Reader Changed For The Better
Jul 19 New Xulon Book Brings Clarity To Many Areas Of Doctrinal Confusion � Sets Believers Free To Live The Christian Life Without Confusion And Doubt But With Confidence, Joy And Hope
Jul 18 Exciting New Xulon Fiction Tells A Powerful Story Of Faith, Love And Forgiveness – One That Takes Readers On A Journey To An Unexpected Place
Jul 18 Thought-Provoking New Xulon Fiction Takes Readers Inside The Dark Side Of Church Life Revealing The Secrets That Humans Harbor To Cover Sin And Shame
Jul 15 Engaging New Xulon Fiction Is An Emotional Story Of Walking Through Grief – With Relatable Characters And A Powerful Message
Jul 14 Compelling New Xulon Book Exposes The Downfalls Of The Nation’s Foster Care System – Stresses The Urgency To Provide Real Help And Real Hope To Abused And Neglected Children
Jul 14 Gripping New Xulon Fiction Delivers An Entertaining Mix Of Inspiration and Encouragement In The Midst Of Danger And Intrigue
Jul 11 Powerful New Xulon Book Provides Cutting Edge Insight: Focuses On The Church Needing Immediate Reformation Not Revival
Jul 11 New Xulon Autobiography Shares The Author's God-Inspired Journey From A Troubled Life To That Of An Accomplished Marathon Runner
Jul 11 New Xulon Release Offers Hope To Communities, Families, And The Addicted – A Must-Have Book For Anyone Caught Up In The Substance Abuse War
Jul 11 New Xulon Christian Novel Combines Inspiration, Mystery And Intrigue – Chronicles The Life Of The Apostle Peter In A Refreshing Narrative Format
Jul 08 New Xulon Juvenile Book Series Presents A Delightful Collection Of Short Stories About Rescued Animals – A Christian Theme Mixed With A Bit Of Puppy Magic
Jul 07 Inspiring New Xulon Book Offers Clear And Purposeful Directives From God ~ Meant To Collapse Time And Catapult Readers Forward Into The Person They Have Not Yet Known
Jul 06 Inspirational New Xulon Book Proves That God Is Faithful To His Word Through All Of Life's Seasons – Good And Bad
Jul 06 Powerful New Xulon Book: Reflective Journal For Women Mends The Heart, And Inspires Through Nature Photography, Prayer, Scripture And Uplifting Words Of Comfort
Jul 06 New Xulon Devotional Helps Readers Develop A Deeply Personal And Loving Relationship With God The Father, The Son And Spirit
Jul 06 New Xulon Book Helps Christians Find Their God-Given Purpose And Destiny Amid The Chaos, Clutter And Busyness Of Life
Jul 06 Inspiring New Xulon Autobiography Presents The Author's Uplifting True Story: A Lifetime Adventure In Faith
Jul 06 New Xulon Book Is A Reminder Of God's Faithfulness To Help Anyone Pass Through The Storms In Life And Land Under Blue Sky
Jul 06 Exciting New Xulon Juvenile Fiction Tells A Colorful, Creative And Fun Story To Be Enjoyed By The Young And The Young At Heart
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