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June 2016 Author Press Releases

Jun 30 Thought-Provoking New Xulon Book Explores God's New Covenant And Provides Must-Have Knowledge For All Christians To Understand What The New-Covenant People And Church Should Be
Jun 30 Interesting New Xulon Book Provides A Brief But Detailed Introduction To Christian Apologetics � Ideal For Both Christians And Non-Christians
Jun 30 Emotionally Powerful New Xulon Fiction Takes Readers On An Edge-Of-The-Seat Adventure – An Unforgettable Lesson In Overcoming The Spirit
Jun 30 Exciting New Xulon Children's Book Features An Adorable Story Of Obeying God � Whimsical Characters Vying To Be Crowned The Most Important Animal In The Garden
Jun 30 Life-Changing New Xulon Book Provides A Detailed Study On Spiritual Endowment For All Christians
Jun 30 Engaging New Xulon Autobiography Tells The Author's Painful True Story Of Abuse And Her Journey To Victorious Healing Through God
Jun 29 Exciting New Xulon Book Uses Scripture, Experience And Heart Compassion To Express The Prayers For Healing That One Desires
Jun 29 Creative New Xulon Fiction Spins A Refreshing Christian Twist On The Much-Loved Classic Fairy Tale, Cinderella
Jun 29 Engaging New Xulon Book Is A Thorough Compilation Of Prayers From The Old Testament With Detailed Explanations Of Their Significance And Meaning
Jun 29 Riveting New Xulon Book Outlines A Crucial End Times Message According To The Author Who Believes That “Many Will Be Deceived”
Jun 28 Thought-Provoking New Xulon Fiction Tells Riveting Story Of A Man's Life-Long Journey Of Depression – But His Long Planned Suicide Attempt Turns Into A Miraculous Epiphany
Jun 28 Inspiring New Xulon Book Effectively Answers The Important Question, �Why Am I Here?� � An Interesting View From God's Perspective
Jun 28 New Xulon Book Share's Powerful Stories Of The Author's Life –From Her Early Years To Present – Packed With Emotion, Passion And Faith As She Obediently Followed God's Plan For Her Life
Jun 28 Powerful New Xulon Book Provides A Clear, Challenging And Thought-Provoking View To Understanding The Myth And Sin Of Homosexuality
Jun 27 Inspiring New Xulon Book Reveals One Family's Foreign Adventures – An Exciting Account Of What God Can Do For Ordinary People
Jun 27 New Xulon Poetry Book Provides Powerful Messages Of Faith Behind The Poems � Shows There Really Is A God And By Surrendering To Him, The Most Intimate Relationship With Him Can Form
Jun 27 Refreshing New Xulon Bible Study Book: A Fun And Easy To Understand, Basic Introductory Study To The Old Testament
Jun 24 Inspiring New Xulon Book Tells A Powerful Story About Broken Lives And Mental Illness – Focuses On God's Redemptive Healing From The Ravages Of Bi-Polar Disorder And Abuse
Jun 24 Intriguing New Xulon Book Is An Honest Guide On SEX From A Biblical Perspective – Ideal For The Single Person, Married, Or Divorced – From High School Age And Up
Jun 24 Exciting New Xulon Fiction Tell Emotional Gripping Story Of One Man's Entry Into Adulthood – While Adjusting To Life in America
Jun 24 Award-Winning New Xulon Book Presents Biblical Model For Leading Small Groups � Sunday School, Church Training, Or Bible Study � Into Serious Growth For The Lord
Jun 24 Thought-Provoking New Xulon Book Provides A Fascinating And Unique Exploration Of The Book of Revelation � Presents Readers With A Detailed Historical View Rather Than A Futuristic View
Jun 24 New Xulon Book Presents A Realistic “Wake-Up Call” To Christians – An Informative Narrative On The Need For Evangelism And Discipleship Training Within The Church Body
Jun 22 Fascinating New Xulon Book Provides A Thrilling Account And An Optimistic View Of What The Future Holds – Reveals Bible Prophecies And End Times In An Easy-To-Understand Presentation
Jun 22 Incredible New Xulon Release: A True Story Of Hope From A Devastating Cancer Diagnosis To An Amazing Healing
Jun 22 Powerful New Xulon Autobiography Shares Author's Vivid, Detailed Story Of Abuse To Help Other Victims NOT REMAIN SILENT
Jun 22 Inspiring New Xulon Book Provides Must-Have Tools To Overcome Every Situation – With Faith In God's Help
Jun 22 Thought-Provoking New Xulon Book Is A Detailed Study Of The Holy Spirit's Purpose In Each Person's Life And Each Part Of The Bible That Exhibits Its Importance
Jun 22 Thought-Provoking New Xulon Book Provides Answers To The Most Recognized Spiritual Questions In Regards To God, Jesus, And The Truth That Lies Within The Christian Faith
Jun 21 Fascinating New Xulon Guide Explains The Critical Importance Of Spiritually Cleansing A Home � And Provides The Necessary Steps To Doing So
Jun 21 Refreshing New Xulon Juvenile Fiction Delivers The Message Of The Cross Of Christ To Young People Through A Fun, Exciting Mystery
Jun 21 Riveting New Xulon Book Shares The Author's Emotional True Story: A Disabled Woman Raised Jewish Finds Christ And He Answers Prayer After Prayer In Her Life
Jun 21 Exciting New Xulon Juvenile Non-Fiction Inspires Young Women To Discover Their True Worth And Purpose In Order To Ultimately Achieve Their God-Given Destiny
Jun 20 Refreshing New Xulon Guide Provides A Must-Have Curriculum For Black Youth By Educating Teachers To Create Lessons Using Black History, Culture, Music, And The Bible
Jun 16 Compelling New Xulon Book Is A Compilation Of Essays On A Host Of Biblical Topics – Including The Origin Of Man – Compared With Materialistic Views And Intelligent Design
Jun 16 New Xulon Autobiography Tells The Author's Miraculous Story Proving That Jesus Christ IS the answer to EVERYTHING
Jun 16 Thought-Provoking New Xulon Book Promotes Spirituality And Truth – Proves That There Is Another Abundant Life After Death
Jun 16 Riveting New Xulon Book Is An Easy-To-Understand Guide To Rapture – Provides Critical Information For ALL Christians
Jun 16 Refreshing New Xulon Book Tells Heartwarming True Stories Of Changed Lives – Demonstrates How God Intervenes To Create New Hearts In Broken People And Restores Families
Jun 16 Exciting New Xulon Book Uncovers A Timely Revelation That Shines The Light Of God's Word To Expose The Deception Of The Rapture Theory That Afflicts ALL Faiths In Monotheism
Jun 16 Captivating New Xulon Release Is An Exploration Into The Book Of Judges � Uncovers Revelations On Lessons God Teaches About Being Empowered By Him To Do The Impossible
Jun 16 Thought-Provoking New Xulon Book Outlines A History Of America's Revivals And Awakenings – Thereby Identifying A Template For The Revival And Awakening Currently Needed In This Nation Today
Jun 15 Compelling New Xulon Workbook Is Ideal For All Christians: A Beginner Course In The Christian Inner Healing Ministry
Jun 15 New Xulon Fiction Based On The Author's True Story Proves The Importance Of Being Obedient To God's View On Health And Nutrition
Jun 15 Thought-Provoking New Xulon Book Shares Five Keys To Create Successful Relationships Based On The Author's Own Life Story
Jun 15 New Xulon Release Instructs Readers To Combat Christian Battle With The 'Ammunition' Of Hundreds Of Verses From The Bible
Jun 14 Refreshing New Xulon Book Of Poetic Biblical Messages Is Based On The Truth Of God's Word � A Must Have Book For Today's Christians
Jun 14 Empowering New Xulon Book Was Written To Encourage All Women In The Courageous Role Of Being The “Leader's Wife”
Jun 14 Inspiring New Xulon Autobiography Proves The Power Of Faith Through The Author's Relatable Story Of Finding God All Over Again When She Needed Him The Most
Jun 14 Riveting New Xulon Autobiography Shares Dramatic Story Of Adoption And Reconnection – An Unbelievable Journey Of Uncovering Secrets And Scandals To Find One's True Identity
Jun 14 Inspiring New Xulon Book Includes 100+ Devotionals Written To Be Relatable, Authentic, And Conversational � Faith, Hope And Encouragement For Every Reader
Jun 13 New Xulon Book Serves As An Effective Handbook For Discipleship: Learn To Be More Christ-Like In Daily Living
Jun 10 New Xulon Book Of Biblical Studies Reveals The Many Truths In The Life Of Joseph – Offers Hope In A World Filled With Uncertainty
Jun 10 Refreshing New Xulon Christian Teaching Guide Provides 12-Month Children's Curriculum – Designed To Share The Gospel With All Children In The World
Jun 10 Powerful New Xulon Book Provides An Eye-Opening, Personal Journey Into Real Spiritual Contentment – Fulfilling A Personal And Trusting Relationship With The Creator
Jun 09 New Xulon Book Based On Real Life Events Presents Strong Message Encouraging Women And Children To Overcome Life-Hindering Problems Through Trust In God
Jun 09 New Xulon Book Combines Inspiring Words And Beautiful Photos To Encourage, Motivate and Challenge Readers To Develop A More Intimate Relationship With Christ
Jun 09 Enlightening New Xulon Book – Commanded By God To Be Written – Provides Vital Information Needed To Convert People Into True Christians In A Real Relationship With The Creator
Jun 09 New Xulon Book Takes Readers On A Historical, Devotional, And Pictorial Tour Of Israel As Witnessed Through The Authors' Eyes
Jun 09 Engaging New Xulon Book Is An Interesting And Enlightening Look At Faith Through The Lens Of The O.J. Simpson Murder Trial
Jun 08 New Xulon Biography Shares A Powerful Story Of Faith To Inspire And Lead Readers Into A Faith Based Relationship with Jesus
Jun 08 New Xulon Fiction Depicts The Life Of An 18th Century Scotsman Coming To Grips With His Personal War Of Divided Loyalties
Jun 08 Inspiring New Xulon Book For Women Share's The Author's True Life Confessions Of Being Battered … But Certainly Not Broken
Jun 03 Powerful New Xulon Book Based On The Author's Experiences Demonstrates How Christians Can Overcome The Devastation Of Abuse Through The Grace And Power Of God
Jun 03 New Xulon Book Takes Biblical Commentary To A Whole New Level – Compares Story Of Ruth To Today's Current Immigration Issues
Jun 03 Exciting New Xulon Book Explores The Challenges Christians Commonly Encounter In Reading The Bible And Provides A Better, More Effective Way To Read It
Jun 03 New Xulon Historical Fiction Is Originally Set In The Old West In 1849 Before An Angel's Visit Leads Readers On An Action-Packed Time Traveling Adventure
Jun 03 Inspiring New Xulon Autobiography: Former FBI Agent/Current Apostle Encourages The Body Of Christ And Informs Readers That Spiritual Warfare Is Real
Jun 01 Thought-Provoking New Xulon Book Shares Wonderful Story Initiated By The Holy Spirit In A Dream
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