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Author Press Releases

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May 2016 Author Press Releases

May 31 Thought-Provoking New Xulon Book Shares The Author's Story – Nearly 30 Years Of Church Life – To Equip Readers To Recognize Deception And Give God The Results He Is Looking For
May 31 Riveting New Xulon Book Shares The Author's TRUTH And Experiences With The Afterlife That Will Finally Answer Burning Questions About Whether The Afterlife is Real Or Not
May 31 Exciting New Xulon Biblical Release Traces The Life Of David – A Detailed Study Not Only About The King But ALL The King's Men
May 31 Inspirational New Xulon Book Helps Readers Get To Know “God The Grand Master" Better And Understand How He Operates
May 31 Powerful New Xulon Devotional Glorifies God By Helping Anyone – Saved Or Lost – Get To "Know" Him, The One And Only True God, More Intimately
May 31 New Xulon 40-Day Devotional Encourages Readers To Walk With Faith – A Remarkable Book From A Former Child Abuse Victim
May 31 Powerful New Xulon Devotional Directs Readers To Daily Dig Into God's Word And Apply It To Every Day Life – Also Provides A Vehicle To Record Their Own Thoughts And Passions
May 31 New Xulon Book Shares Principles To Help Propel The Church To Her Original And God Intended Purpose – To Help A Society Trapped In “Me-Focused” Mindsets
May 31 Thought-Provoking New Xulon Book Presents 31 Principles Of Godly Speech – Shows How The Power Of Words Can Affect One's Life Course
May 31 Incredible New Xulon Book Shares Author's Impressive 20 Years In Worship Ministry – Takes Readers On The Transformational Worship Journey Of A Lifetime ¬
May 27 New Xulon Autobiography Shares God's Grace And Sovereignty Over All Situations In Life – Showing He Is In Control And Has A Purpose
May 26 New Xulon Book Of Advice Shares The Joy Of The Beatitudes With A Meaningful Journey To Find Authentic Self Love
May 26 New Xulon Book For VBS And Youth Leaders Provides A Mission To Win, Disciple, And Encourage Youth For Jesus Christ Through God's Word, Object Lessons, Sports, And Good Clean Fun
May 26 Inspiring New Xulon Book Shares The Author’s Shocking True Story – Experiencing Life After Death … And Then Life After Death AGAIN
May 26 Compelling New Xulon Book Is A Comprehensive Approach To The Subject Of The Kingdom Of God – Addressing Almost Every Question On The Topic – From A Solid Biblical Perspective
May 25 Compelling New Xulon Book Is An Honest And Sincere Search For Truth About Who God Is And What He Desires For Humanity
May 25 New Xulon Release: Compelling Testimony Views The Diverse Layers And Intricacies Of The Marriage Relationship
May 25 Impressive New Xulon Guide Helps Parents And Children To Make Wise Choices When Establishing Friendships
May 25 New Xulon Release: Author's Testimony Proves That When God Calls Someone To A Task He Will Anoint That Person To Complete The Task
May 24 Xulon Press Presents � A Unique Bible Study Recounting The Story Of Hagar And Ishmael With A Refreshing New Perspective
May 24 New Xulon Book Exposes Misconceptions In The Sales Industry And Provides Practical Business Applications, Innovative Ideas, And Proven Marketing Strategies To Win And Grow Businesses
May 24 Delightful New Xulon Book Is A Refreshing Look At The Life Of Jesus – As Seen Through Mary, His Mother's Heart
May 24 Exciting New Xulon Juvenile Fiction Teaches Children A Wonderful Lesson Of Self Acceptance Through A Purple Pig's Big Adventure
May 23 Passionate New Xulon Book: A True Survivor Shares Inspiring Life Lessons To Help Anyone Struggling To SURVIVE
May 23 Riveting New Xulon Book Printed In Spanish: Miami Police Officer Turned Hero Proves That Hope Can Come Out Of Bad Events
May 23 Powerful New Xulon Book Will Help Readers Enjoy Physical And Spiritual Intimacy To Its Fullest
May 23 Outstanding New Xulon Book Offers Practical, Step-By-Step Secrets To Improve Performance By Building Confidence
May 23 New Xulon Poetic Memoirs Will Enrich The Lives Of Others Through The Transparent Testimony Of One Christian's 21-Year Journey
May 20 New Xulon Book Defines The Concept Of “FEAR” In Biblical Terms – To Finally Clear Up Misinterpretations Of The Word By Christians
May 20 New Xulon Book Provides Spiritual Insight And Encouragement Through The Author's Personal Journey From Pain To Victory
May 20 New Xulon Release Explains How To Define, Establish, Develop And Maintain The Ultimate - "Relationship Status" With God
May 20 Riveting New Xulon Book Explores The Remarkable Survivability Of George Washington – One Of The Most Historical Figures In The U.S.
May 19 Powerful New Xulon Release Encourages All Christians To Include Jesus In Their Whirlwind Lives And Be Ready For Astounding Results
May 19 Inspiring New Xulon Fiction Is Based On A True Testament To How God Helps His Followers Overcome Obstacles In Their Lives
May 19 New Xulon Book Excitedly Unveils The “Greatest” Moment In The Bible – One Particular Moment That Surpasses All Others
May 19 Invaluable New Xulon Release Is A Must-Have Practical And Spiritual Guide For Anyone Living With Chronic Illness
May 19 New Xulon Book Tells True Story Of The Author's Grandmother, Bernice Johnson – Wrongly Imprisoned And Then Wronged In Prison
May 18 New Xulon Book By Guinness World Record Holder Shares Her Amazing Life Experiences Thanks To God's Perfect Plan
May 18 Exciting New Xulon Juvenile Fiction Teaches Children The Positive Results Of Doing Simple Acts Of Kindness
May 13 Inspiring New Xulon Book Written By An Experienced Mom/Parenting Mentor Will Help Other Moms On The Same Parenting Journey
May 12 Refreshing New Xulon Book Takes Readers On A Journey To Become More CHRISTLIKE - A Must-Have Book For All Christians
May 10 New Xulon Christian Fiction Tells Relatable Story Of One Woman's Struggle To Protect Herself And Child Throughout An Abusive Marriage
May 10 New Xulon Book Of Poems Provides Refreshing Messages Of Hope In Christ For All Occasions And Life Situations
May 06 New Xulon Book Provides A Proven 3 Step Process Of Forgiveness, Deliverance And Healing To Set Anyone Free Of Rejection
May 06 Inspiring New Xulon Book Tells A Remarkable Story Of Triumph Over Addiction
May 06 Outstanding New Xulon Book Tells The Author's Victorious Story Of Emerging From The Shadows Of A Mistake-Filled Past
May 06 Powerful New Xulon Book Encourages The Incarcerated To Know They Are Not Forgotten And Not Alone
May 06 New Xulon Book Empowers Believers To Reach Their Potential In Christ Jesus Through Changing Their Perception In Themselves
May 06 New Xulon Book Provides Life Testimony on Pitfalls of Calvinism
May 06 Outstanding New Xulon Bible Study: Includes 23 Lessons On The Acts of the Apostles
May 06 Inspiring New Xulon 365-Day Devotional Demonstrates How The Bible Is Part Of Every Christian's Life – Through Good And Bad
May 03 Inspiring New Xulon Book Empowers Christians To Increase Their Faith For A Stronger, More Meaningful Walk With Jesus
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