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April 2016 Author Press Releases

Apr 30 New Xulon Christian Fiction Presents A Dramatic, Twisting Journey Of Transcendence, Self-Discovery And Faith For Young Adults
Apr 30 New Xulon Book Chronicles Cycling Journey Across America Raising Funds And Awareness To Helping The Needy Locally And Worldwide
Apr 30 New Xulon Book Explores God's Chosen Nation Of Israel With A Revealing Look At Israel's Role In World History Today
Apr 30 New Xulon Release: A Must-Have Book For Couples Desiring to Live A Virtuous Life According To God
Apr 30 New Xulon Book Provides Guided Study On Grief And Despair From The Loss Of Loved Ones ¬– Proven Strategies Used For 10+ Years
Apr 30 New Xulon Book Shows How God Works Through A Real-Life Love Story Filled With Happiness, Struggles, Starting Over And Grief
Apr 30 New Xulon Autobiography Shares Reverend's 29 Years In Ordained Ministry With Seminarians And Newly Appointed Pastors
Apr 30 New Xulon Christian Author Award Winner: Book Provides 40+ Years Of A Defensive Evolution For All Levels Of Football Coaches
Apr 29 Thought-Provoking New Xulon Book Designed To Restore The Family Together In Godly Love
Apr 29 New Xulon Release Shows Christians The Difference Between A Lawful Way Of Living vs. Having A Right Relationship With God
Apr 29 Intriguing New Xulon Book Enlightens Christians To Know That God's GRACE is the REAL �Good News� of the Gospel
Apr 29 New Xulon Book Challenges Theology's View Of Death And Dying
Apr 29 New Xulon Juvenile Fiction Encourage Girls To Know That Each Is Beautiful, Valuable, And A Precious Princess In The Eyes Of God
Apr 29 Unique New Xulon Book Is Not A Devotional But a “Do-Votional” Turning “Jesus” From A Noun Into A Verb
Apr 29 Exciting New Xulon Fiction: A Faith-Filled, Relatable Story Of A Family Dealing With Alcoholism And Its Affects
Apr 29 New Xulon Book Promotes A Healthy Eating Habit And Lifestyle According To God
Apr 29 Adorable New Xulon Juvenile Fiction Empowers Children To Do Their Best Regardless Of Any Limitations They Think They Have
Apr 28 New Xulon Devotional: A Journal Of Sorrow And Love From An Alzheimer's Caregiver Who Went Through This Journey Twice
Apr 28 New Xulon Book For Healthcare Professionals And Patients Explores God's Healing Power Over All Kinds Of Pain
Apr 28 New Xulon Release Provides Leaders With Hundreds Of Practical, Proven Ideas To Effectively Lead And Develop An Effective Team
Apr 27 New Xulon Book Takes A Unique Look At The Death Of A Loved One – All Earthly People Are Here “Only On Loan” From God
Apr 27 Fascinating New Xulon Book Reveals How The Bible's Words Spoke Of Present Day Scientific Discoveries
Apr 26 Xulon Press Introduces Inspiring Book About Grief: Learn to Live Again After the Death of a Spouse
Apr 26 New Xulon Book Provides A Scripturally Based Method Of Charting A Personal Spiritual Growth
Apr 25 New Xulon Juvenile Fiction Combines A Fun-Filled Fishing Trip With Valuable Lessons About Jesus
Apr 25 Riveting New Xulon Novel Combines Dramatic Stories Of Life And Death � In And Out Of The Hospital
Apr 25 New Xulon Book Shows The Author's Dedication To Her Village And The Importance Of Faith And Family
Apr 25 Xulon Press Presents: Inspiring Book Offers 1,000+ Amazing Pieces Of Advice Learned From The Author's 60 Years Of Ministering
Apr 25 New Xulon Release Is A Practical Guidebook To Get New Christians Started On An Exciting Spiritual Journey
Apr 22 New Xulon Memoir Combine's The Author's Toughest Life Lessons With Her Thought-Provoking Poems Written From Her Experiences
Apr 21 Encouraging New Xulon Book Helps Readers Move Beyond Disappointments In Life
Apr 20 Riveting New Xulon Book Offers A Mystic Perspective Of Scripture – For Those Seeking A Deeper Relationship With Jesus
Apr 20 New Xulon Book Helps Readers Develop Into More Loving People By Defining What Real Love Is ¬– Based On Christian Scriptures
Apr 20 New Xulon Book: An Inspiring Guide Written As A Helpful Tool For The Fatherless Christian Child And The Single Parent
Apr 19 Inspiring New Xulon Book Defines The Need For God While Raising Today's Next Generation
Apr 19 Inspiring New Xulon Book Encourages Young Christians To Embrace Their Identity
Apr 19 New Xulon Book Shares A Powerful Testimony Of Addiction – Educating Readers On The Addiction Epidemic In Today's Society
Apr 18 Creative New Xulon Book Tells Riveting Story Set In The Midwest – The Sons Of God Take Dominion In The Earth
Apr 18 Interesting New Xulon Book Shows Various Expressions Of The Mathematic Language Throughout The Bible
Apr 18 Thought-Provoking New Xulon Book Offers Faith-Based Resolutions To Today's Challenges � From A Therapist With Scriptural Knowledge
Apr 14 New Xulon Book Reveals How The Author's Pursuit To Perfection Failed Greatly – And Leads Readers To Break Free From Perfection
Apr 14 Refreshing New Xulon Book Brings An Old Testament Passage To Life For Today's Modern Woman
Apr 14 Encouraging New Xulon Book Teaches Readers To “Dig DEEP” Within Themselves To Uncover The “You” That You Were Born To Be
Apr 14 New Xulon Juvenile Fiction Tells A Faith-Filled Story Of Forgiveness And True Love – And The Importance Of Choosing God
Apr 14 Encouraging New Xulon Book Shares Powerful True Life Story – A Miraculous Mountain Top Rescue By God
Apr 14 New Xulon Book Ends The Debate Over Whether Christians Are Obligated To Give A Tenth Of Their Income To The Church
Apr 10 Thought-Provoking New Xulon Book Provides A Detailed Study Of What The Bible Says About The Rapture According To The Bible
Apr 10 New Xulon Book Offers Practical Guidelines For Implementing Effective Professional Development Practices Using Students' Data To Improve Their Assessment Results
Apr 07 Must-Have New Xulon Resource Helps Families Move from Involuntary Philanthropy Toward Intentional Stewardship and Directed Generosity
Apr 07 New Xulon Book Combines A Passion For Air Travel With A Passion For Christ In One Inspiring Read That “Soars” With Encouragement
Apr 07 Inspiring New Xulon Book: Reflections Of The Life And Legacy Of An Anointed And Prophetic Gospel Preacher
Apr 06 New Xulon Christmas Book Is Poetic In Nature To Be Read Aloud – Sure To Captivate The Attention Of The Young And Young At Heart
Apr 06 New Xulon Book Helps Uncover God's Divine Principles And Unveil The Hidden Blessings He Desires Each Person To Have
Apr 06 New Xulon Autobiography Reveals A Riveting Transformation Of A Life From Crime To Christ – An Account Nothing Short Of A Miracle
Apr 06 New Xulon Book Tells Miraculous Story Of A Teenage Boy And An Abandoned Infant � And God's �Perfect Timing� to Reunite Them Decades Later
Apr 04 New Xulon Book Gives Prominence To Non-Custodial Parents' Struggle Facing Child Custody Battles, Judicial, Injustices, And Hopelessness Standing Through The Storm
Apr 04 Introducing The First Ever Editor’s Choice Publication At Xulon Press - A Must-Have Resource On Grieving And Overcoming Emotional And Spiritual Pain
Apr 04 New Xulon Book Exposes The Blinding Paradigm In Roe Vs. Wade Eliminating Millions Of God's Elect Children In The Womb
Apr 04 New Xulon Book Tells Of A Modern Day Demon-Possession And Haunting – A Story Of Darkness Existing In Many American Homes
Apr 01 New Xulon Book Shares Author's Story Of How Life Can Change In An Instant And Tomorrow Is Not Always Promised
Apr 01 Refreshing New Xulon Parenting Book Teaches How To Break The Generational Chains Of Family Dysfunction And Abuse
Apr 01 New Xulon Book Is A Must-Have Guide For Self-Encouragement Through God's Wisdom
Apr 01 Thought-Provoking New Xulon Book Presents A Researched Case Study On Anglican Communion/Episcopal Churches In North America
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