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March 2016 Author Press Releases

Mar 31 Inspiring New Xulon Book Is Filled With Powerful Testimonials Of The Author's Life And Many Others
Mar 31 New Xulon Book Of Devotional Readings Will Encourage And Remind Readers To Remember The Person They Were Born To Be
Mar 31 Refreshing New Xulon Fiction Presents 20+ God-Inspired Short Stories
Mar 31 New Xulon Absorbing Non-Fiction Read Explores Various Biblical Teachings Including The Nature Of Sin And Salvation
Mar 31 New Xulon 365-Day Devotional Sheds Comforting, Bright Light On All Of Life's Situations – Every Day For A Year
Mar 30 Thought-Provoking New Xulon Book Explores The Need To Transform The Culture In All Churches
Mar 30 New Xulon Book Encourages Women To Understand Their Role In God's World
Mar 30 New Xulon Book Helps Christians To Have A Better Understanding Of What It Really Means To Be A Christian In Today's World
Mar 30 New Xulon 365-Day Devotional Provides An Honest View Of The Word Of God Applied To The Practical Attempt To Live Full Out For God
Mar 30 New Xulon Book For Men Shares The Author's Real Life Experiences Demonstrating How To Become Better Men, Husbands, And Fathers
Mar 30 Refreshing New Xulon Christian Western Fiction Is Based On True Life Observations From A Real Cowboy
Mar 29 Thought-Provoking New Xulon Book Explores The Important Question: Where Will You Spend Eternity?
Mar 29 New Xulon Book Reaches Out To Catholics Who Are Hungry For More Of God And Shows Them How To Feed That Hunger
Mar 29 New Xulon Historical Fiction Provides Refreshing Story Of Christ's Life – A Unique Perspective Of Key Events
Mar 29 New Xulon Christian Fiction Is A Story Of Forgiveness Filled With Drama And Suspense
Mar 29 Riveting New Xulon Fiction Explores The Spiritual Nature Of Mankind After A Dreadful National Disaster
Mar 29 New Xulon Juvenile Fiction Helps Children To See God As A Living, Loving And Wise Father – And A Perfect Role Model For Parents
Mar 29 Beautifully Illustrated New Xulon Juvenile Fiction Teaches About Cultures, Travel And Bible Application To Real Life Situations
Mar 23 Inspiring New Xulon Book Offers A Life's Worth Of Wisdom And �Golden Nuggets�
Mar 23 New Xulon Book Shares The Inspiring Prayers That Helped Transform The Author's Life
Mar 23 New Xulon Book: Author Provides Encouragement And Solutions For Women Broken And Spiritually Stuck Because Of Sexual Pasts
Mar 23 New Xulon Book Is A Simple Guide To The Application Of Jesus' Mission – To Restore Christians To Intimacy With The Father
Mar 21 New Xulon Autobiography: An Interpretation Of What The Author Has Observed And Experienced From the “Windows” Of Her Life
Mar 18 New Xulon Book � Written By Bible Scholar � Offers Readers Powerful Insight Into New Testament Teachings Of Jesus Christ
Mar 15 New Xulon Book Tells Important Message: God Wants His Followers To Be Well, Healthy And Whole – “FIT†For The Masters Use
Mar 15 Powerful New Xulon Autobiography: A Truthfully Honest And Emotional Story Of Incest
Mar 15 New Xulon Book Provides New Outlook About God's Armor And Our Capability To Fulfill Our Purpose In Christ's Righteousness
Mar 15 New Xulon Fiction Tells Inspiring Story Of Finding God's Purpose Despite Physical Challenges
Mar 15 Refreshing New Xulon Devotional Helps Christ Followers Comprehend How Prospering The Soul Coordinates With Living For God's Glory
Mar 15 Exciting New Xulon Children's Book Provides Easy Teachings For Life's Hard Lessons
Mar 15 New Xulon Teaching Series Helps Children And All People Know The Salvation They Have In The Blood Of Jesus And His Cross
Mar 15 New Xulon Autobiography Tells Powerful Story Of Triumph Over Depression
Mar 15 New Xulon Fiction Based On A True Story Lived By The Author As A Missionary In A 3rd World Country
Mar 11 Beautifully Illustrated New Xulon Children's Book Tells Exciting Adventures Of Firemen
Mar 11 Exciting New Xulon Juvenile Fiction Tells Christian-Themed Adventure-At-Sea Story
Mar 11 Exciting New Xulon Children's Book Encourages Acts Of Kindness Through A Fun, Loving And Optimistic Kangaroo
Mar 11 New Xulon Book Tells Riveting True WWII Story Of Bataan � As Told From A WWII Veteran To His Daughter
Mar 11 New Xulon True Story: Through Impossible Obstacles God Provides An Awesome Second Chance At Life
Mar 11 New Xulon Christian Fiction Is A Thought-Provoking Story With Many Exciting Twists And Turns
Mar 09 New Xulon Book Of Poetry Provides Hope, Insight, Inspiration And Motivation To Anyone Facing Challenging Situations
Mar 08 Refreshing New Xulon Book Cleverly References Sports To Experiencing A Fresh New Start In “The Game Of Life”
Mar 07 New Xulon Book Is A Must-Have Guide For All Parents Wanting To Avoid Their Children Being Led Astray From God
Mar 07 Fascinating New Xulon Fiction Takes Readers To A Land Where The Mind Is A Weapon And Death Is Optional
Mar 07 New Xulon Book Identifies God's Plan To Accomplish His Purpose Of Love For All Of His Followers
Mar 07 New Xulon Book Explores The Importance Of Finding And Fulfilling One's God-Given Purpose Before Death
Mar 07 New Xulon Poetry Book Provides Wisdom, Counsel, Comfort, And Encouragement
Mar 03 Inspiring New Xulon Fiction Addresses Hard Situations In An Authentic, Relatable Way Incorporating Humor And Glorifying Jesus Christ
Mar 03 New Xulon Forty Day Devotional Encourages Readers To Slow Down And Return To The Sabbath
Mar 03 New Xulon Autobiography Reveals Dramatic Details Of Crime And Corruption In Southern Indiana And Much More
Mar 03 New Xulon Release: Author Shares Her Daughter's Powerful Story Of Childhood Cancer
Mar 02 New Xulon Book Of Photography Beautifully Captures A Glimpse Of God's Magnificent Creation
Mar 02 Thought-Provoking New Xulon Book Is A Unique, In-Depth Interpretation Of The Holy Bible
Mar 02 New Xulon Autobiography Shares Author's Tumultuous Upbringing Of Abandonment Until Years Later When He Turned To God For Help
Mar 02 New Xulon Autobiography Proves That The Past Doesn't Have To Define One's Present Nor Determine One's Future
Mar 02 New Xulon Book Is A Clever 52-Week Bible Study For All Christians
Mar 02 New Xulon Book Provides Divine Strategies That Connect Complex Life Issues With Fresh Perspectives From The Word Of God
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