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February 2016 Author Press Releases

Feb 29 New Xulon Fiction Encourages Readers That This Is The Time To Take The Bible Seriously And Get Ready For The Lord's Return
Feb 29 Presenting … Thought-Provoking Xulon Title Advocates Surrendering to God's Instruction
Feb 25 Inspiring New Xulon Book Shares Nineteen Years Of Stories From The Life Of A Nurse
Feb 25 New Xulon Book Clarifies How God Is Faithful In Every Event And Aspect Of Life
Feb 25 New Xulon Book About The Italian Reformers Told Through A Lively Narrative Style
Feb 24 New Xulon Autobiography Is An Inspiring True Account Of Life's Accomplishments, Failures and Difficulties
Feb 24 New Xulon Book Is A Simple Guide To Diseases Of The Digestive Tract – Written For Average Folks To Understand
Feb 24 New Xulon Book Shares Inspiring Story Of The Author's Trust In God and of God's Faithfulness In Spite Of Life's Circumstances
Feb 24 New Xulon Book Teaches Powerful And Proven Wisdom That Unlocks The Mysteries Of Excellence And A Life Lived Fully
Feb 24 Refreshing New Xulon Book Of Transformational Prayer Will Motivate And Infuse Fire Into The Prayer Life Of Believers
Feb 24 New Xulon Release: An Urgent And Eye Opening Message To The Body Of Christ To Get Back To The Basics Of “Flowing” God's Way
Feb 24 Exciting New Xulon Fiction Is Based On The Bible's Song Of Solomon – One Of The Oldest Love Stories
Feb 24 New Xulon Release Dispels Some Of The Most Popular Myths And Fables That Are Being Purported To Be Christ's Teachings
Feb 24 New Xulon Devotional Shares Inspiring Thoughts About The Lord
Feb 24 Trail-Blazing New Xulon Book Shows Christians How To Create A God-Centered Legacy Plan Based On Three Critical Foundations
Feb 24 New Xulon Book Of God-Inspired Poems Provides A Source Of Comfort, Knowledge, And Spiritual Growth
Feb 24 New Xulon Children's Book Retells Classic Biblical Story Of Genesis 1 In Charming Rhyme
Feb 24 New Xulon Book Reveals What Jesus Says To The Seven Churches Of Revelation About The Kind Of Church He Wants
Feb 24 New Xulon Engaging Suspense Thriller Where Hope And Redemption Battles Darkness
Feb 22 New Xulon Release Examines The Takeover Of Government By Worldviews That Despise Christian Values
Feb 22 New Xulon Self-Help Book Helps Identify, Acknowledge, And Heal From The Wounding Caused By Emotional Abuse
Feb 22 New Xulon Autobiography: A Powerful Story Of Freedom From Addiction And Finding Redemption Through God
Feb 22 Unique New Xulon Book: A Christian Devotional Refreshingly Presented In Haiku Poetic Form
Feb 22 New Xulon Book Encourages Women To Live By God's Original Design Of A Woman – In All Areas Of Life
Feb 19 New Xulon Book Follows A Journey Of God's Will � Transitioning From A Scared Pregnant Teenager To An Empowered Pastor
Feb 19 Xulon Presents The Exciting Sequel To The Kingdom Dragon Slayers “Prepared For Combat”
Feb 19 New Xulon Book Of Defense Gives Proven Principles Grounded In Scripture – Offers Godly Advice For Physical And Spiritual Protection
Feb 19 New Xulon Book Explores The Real Meaning of Being Human Through The Creator's Plan And Purpose Of One's Creation
Feb 19 New Xulon Book Helps Christian Ministries Strategically Operate While Remaining Aligned With God's Word
Feb 19 New Xulon Book: SECOND REVISED EDITION Expands On Revealing A Clear Illustration of Messiah in Ezekiel
Feb 18 New Xulon Release: A God-Inspired Monthly Devotional Designed To Increase The Reader's Hunger For The Word
Feb 18 New Xulon Award Winner: Comprehensive Guide For Women Provides An Enlightening Read Addressing The Framework Of Love And Marriage
Feb 18 Inspiring New Xulon Autobiography Encourages Those Who Are Broken, Rejected And Hurt To Turn To Jesus
Feb 18 New Xulon Juvenile Fiction Written By A Truly Inspiring, Never-To-Be Forgotten Author Tells Humorous Tale Of A Golf Ball
Feb 17 New Xulon Juvenile Fiction Tells Delightful Story Of A Young Duckling � Demonstrates How God Will Never Abandon His Children
Feb 17 New Xulon Award Winning Book Is A Journey For Each Person To Explore The Hidden Treasures Of His Or Her Own Redemption Story
Feb 17 New Xulon Book Of Anthology Shares Dynamic Writings Of Major Religious Thinkers, Poets And Saints
Feb 16 New Xulon Book Is A Topical Proverbs Developmental Moral Study Guide And Workbook
Feb 16 New Xulon Fiction: Heartfelt Christian Tale Uplifts And Encourages Women Of All Ages
Feb 16 New Xulon Autobiography: An Inspiring Story Of Dying And Being “Raised From The Dead”
Feb 16 New Xulon Title Introduces Kids to the Bible Using Fun Story
Feb 11 New Xulon True Story Of Faith Proves That There IS A God To All Those Who May Be Questioning God's Existence
Feb 11 Thought-Provoking New Xulon Book Explores The Leadership Role Of Women In the Church
Feb 11 New Xulon Bible Reference Studies The Basic Meaning Of The Church And Denomination
Feb 11 New Xulon Spanish Novel: Exciting Story Blends Religion, Spirituality And Crime
Feb 09 Thought-Provoking New Xulon Book Explores The Intimate Bond Of Love Between A Man And Woman
Feb 05 New Xulon Autobiography Chronicles Back In Time To One Woman's Life-Changing Adventure - 10 Years In The Middle East
Feb 05 New Xulon Autobiography Proves That Everything Is Possible If You Trust The Lord
Feb 04 Inspiring New Xulon Book About Faith In God Tells Incredible Real Life Stories Of Answered Prayers
Feb 04 Exciting New Xulon Autobiography Shares Story Of Hope, Love, And A Life-Saving Liver Transplant
Feb 04 New Xulon Book Explores Daily Global Issues Affecting People Of Every Nation On Earth Today – With A Guaranteed Solution In Christ
Feb 04 New Xulon Book Of Dating Advice: Written From A Professional Psychological And Spiritual Point Of View
Feb 04 Uplifting New Xulon Book Follows One Woman's Life-Changing Missionary Trip To India
Feb 04 New Xulon Faith-Based Book: Be Victorious And Enter Into The “Rest” In Christ Through Faith In The Grace Of Jesus Christ
Feb 02 New Xulon Book Challenges The Reader's Thinking Of “Covenant”
Feb 02 New Xulon Fiction: Book One Of Dog Tale Series Brings Fresh Perspective To The Reality Of Gang Life
Feb 02 New Xulon Book: Children Discover God Through His Word And Colorful Pictures
Feb 02 New Xulon Book Of Short Stories Provides Encouragement To Move Forward In Life
Feb 02 New Xulon Book: Preparing for Re-Tyrement Not Retirement
Feb 01 Unique New Xulon Book Provides Practical Guidelines Of Pastoral Care For Bedside Visits
Feb 01 New Xulon Daily Devotional Prayer Book Contains Over 2,000 Consecrated Prophetic Blessings Of God
Feb 01 New Xulon Book Of Poetry: Over 80 Inspiringly Beautiful Poems
Feb 01 New Xulon Devotional Dedicated To Proclaiming A Pure Testimony
Feb 01 New Xulon Book: 20-Year Survivor Of Abuse Shares Her Story
Feb 01 New Xulon Book Tells Powerful Story Of A Family Dealing With The Care Of A Parent With Alzheimer's
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