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Author Press Releases

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January 2016 Author Press Releases

Jan 30 New Xulon Light-Hearted Picture Book Gives A Fresh Take On Aging And Menopause
Jan 30 New Xulon Book Of Sermons Provides Insight, Inspiration and Edification
Jan 30 New Xulon Book: Provides Tools, Methods And Techniques For A Team Approach To Addressing Marriage Conflicts
Jan 30 New Xulon Autobiographical Novel: One Woman's Triumph Over Insanity With The Help Of The Lord Jesus
Jan 29 New Xulon Book Interprets John's Apocalypse To Be Understandable To Modern Day Readers
Jan 29 New Xulon Book Helps Readers See Christ As He Is Revealed In All The Scriptures – To Know Him More Deeply
Jan 29 Refreshing New Xulon Children's Book �Purrfectly� Teaches Young Ones About God
Jan 29 New Xulon Book Shows The Importance Of Being In An Incessant State Of Ready Preparedness For The Coming Of The Messiah Yeshua
Jan 29 Thought-Provoking New Xulon Book Tells The Importance Of Christians Being United Spiritually Before He Returns
Jan 29 New Xulon Book Follows An Exciting Journey Of Success – A Dentist Who Is A Country Boy At Heart
Jan 29 New Xulon Release: An Inspiring True Story Of Hope Through God
Jan 29 Inspirational New Xulon Book Explores The Author's Life – Leading To When Her Faith Met Grace
Jan 29 New Xulon Book Guides Christians To Living Out A Biblical Worldview In The Sphere Of Family
Jan 28 New Xulon Poetry Encourages Christians To Persist In Putting God First In Their Lives By Being Steadfast In The Faith In Jesus Christ
Jan 28 New Xulon Book Tells A Powerful True Story Of Redemption And Romance
Jan 27 New Xulon Book Is A Journey Through The Truths To Help Readers Become Who They Were Created To Be
Jan 26 New Xulon Book: Story Of Abuse Will Transform The Lives Of Readers As It Reveals God's Impartial Nature
Jan 22 New Xulon Book Provides A One-Of-A-Kind Devotional For Kids
Jan 22 New Xulon Release Combines Athletic Coaching, Christ And The Benefits Of Positive Core Values
Jan 22 New Xulon Devotional Was Written For Those Who Have Experienced Traumatic Life Events
Jan 22 New Xulon Book Explores The Unconditional Love Of The Father To Every Human Being
Jan 22 Xulon Christian Writing Awards Winner: A Collection Of Devotional Reflections Showing His Amazing Love And Grace
Jan 22 New Xulon Fiction Demonstrates The Ability Of The Humans To Work Together For A Common Goal
Jan 21 Announcing: Xulon Book is Autobiographical Account of God’s Love
Jan 21 Announcing: Inspiring Xulon Book Discloses Life-Changing Events for One Family
Jan 21 Announcing: Unique Xulon Book Offers Spiritual Healing for the Combatant
Jan 21 Announcing: Thought-Provoking Xulon Book Reveals Insights on Natural Means of Healing
Jan 21 Announcing: Xulon Autobiography Assures Readers That There Is Hope Despite The Heartache
Jan 21 Announcing An Exciting Xulon Title That Provides Unique Lessons Learned From the Front Porch
Jan 21 Exciting New Xulon Juvenile Book: A Dog's Search For Heaven & God's Love
Jan 21 New Xulon Book: Tools For Parents And Educators To Teach Christian Values
Jan 21 New Xulon Release Is A Historical Compilation Of Stories About Major League Baseball's Spring Training At Hot Springs
Jan 20 New Xulon Devotional: Finding Help With The Problems In Life
Jan 19 Thought-Provoking New Xulon Fiction: Hate Brings Only Destruction
Jan 15 New Xulon Release: Adopted Daughter Returns Home To Shanghai For A Visit
Jan 15 Thought-Provoking New Xulon Release Presents A Fascinating Perspective For The Return Of Jesus
Jan 15 New Xulon Book: The Highly Anticipated Part 2 In The Supernatural Woman Series
Jan 14 New Xulon Children's Book Embodies The Imagination And Mystery Of A Child's World
Jan 13 New Xulon Book: A Detailed, Compassionate Resource For Anyone Diagnosed With Cancer
Jan 13 New Xulon Book For Women Provides A Real, Honest And Relatable Path To Improving A Walk With Jesus
Jan 13 New Xulon Release: Could The Workplace Really Be The Mission-Field In Which God Is Calling You?
Jan 13 New Xulon Book: Battling The Spiritual War And Winning Over Satan
Jan 11 Exciting Xulon Fiction Tells Realistic Church Stories In A Humorous, Entertaining Way
Jan 11 New Xulon Book Provides Hope For Times Of Unpredictable Events
Jan 11 New Xulon Book: Learn To Give And Receive Love As God Intended
Jan 07 New Xulon Collection Of Short Writings Powerfully Speak Directly From Heart Of The Father
Jan 05 New Xulon Christian Resource Provides Keys To Decoding Dreams
Jan 04 New Xulon Autobiography/Devotional For Alzheimer Caregivers
Jan 04 New Xulon Book: A Humorous And Inspiring Look At The Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Jan 04 New Xulon Autobiography Shares The True Experience Of A Survivor And His Continued Journey
Jan 04 New Xulon Juvenile Fiction: A Squirrel's Journey To Discover His Purpose From God
Jan 04 New Xulon Release: Discover The Principles That Could Make Millions
Jan 04 New Xulon Juvenile Fiction Takes The Reader On A Foster Child's Compelling Journey
Jan 04 New Xulon Book Teaches Effective Communication With The Youth In Today's Culture To Retain Them For Tomorrow's Church
Jan 04 Thought-Provoking New Xulon Book Helps Women Follow God's Guidelines Of Submission
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