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Author Press Releases

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December 2015 Author Press Releases

Dec 29 New Xulon Book Encourages Finding Healing Through Faith, Hope and especially LOVE
Dec 29 New Xulon Resource Book Explores Paul's Letters To The Romans
Dec 22 New Xulon Devotional Encourages Readers To Serve God Through The Power Of Serving Others
Dec 21 New Xulon Biography Proves that God Is More Than Enough For Every Situation
Dec 18 New Xulon Personal Memoir Proves God Is Always There For You
Dec 17 New Xulon Release For Tweens And Teens Teaches Youngsters The Importance Of Knowing Their Identity In Christ
Dec 17 New Xulon Book: Learn To Identify And Reach Your Destiny
Dec 17 New Xulon Book: Learn To Write Covenants For Effective Praying
Dec 17 New Xulon Release Shares Thought-Provoking Analysis Of The Biblical Timeline
Dec 17 New Xulon Release Features Common Sense Approach To Happiness
Dec 16 New Xulon Book Shares Author's Dreams And Visions From God
Dec 16 New Xulon Poetry Book Provides Encouragement And Inspiration
Dec 16 Inspiring Book Of Quotes Provides A Good Word At The Right Time
Dec 10 New Xulon Release Navigates The Challenges Associated With Prolonged Waiting
Dec 10 Exciting New Xulon Fiction: A Supernatural End Time Thriller
Dec 09 New Xulon Book: Inspiring Journey From Addiction To Redemption
Dec 07 New Xulon Book Tells Personal Journey From Iraq To A Crisis Of Faith
Dec 07 New Xulon Poetry Book: Poems Deal With Life's Truths & Secrets
Dec 07 New Xulon Book: One Father's Journey To Deposit And Develop Excellence In His Five Sons
Dec 07 New Xulon Autobiography: Real Lessons Of Faith, Hope & Miracles
Dec 04 New Xulon Memoir: Wanting Success In Career, Family & Friends
Dec 03 New Xulon Release: Reveals Why Life Is A Journey Not A Destination
Dec 03 New Xulon Book Follows Mother's Experience & Daughter's Courage
Dec 02 New Xulon Book Reveals Underlying Mystery Before Jesus' Return
Dec 01 New Xulon Book: How To Gain Biblical Vantage Point On Life's Issues
Dec 01 New Xulon Book Series: Riveting Look At God's Creation Of Mankind
Dec 01 New Xulon Release: Positive Kingdom Love Impacts Millions Daily
Dec 01 New Xulon Book Of Top Secrets For Successful Christian Leaders
Dec 01 New Xulon Fiction: Full of Twists, Turns, Romance, Faith, & Adventure
Dec 01 New Xulon Book Explores Critical Topics Needing Scriptural Answers
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