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Author Press Releases

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November 2015 Author Press Releases

Nov 30 New Xulon Juvenile Fiction: Futuristic Tale With Mystery & Adventure
Nov 30 New Xulon Book: Remembering God's Wisdom In Your Dreams
Nov 30 New Xulon Book: Pastor’s Letters Provide Support For The Practical Application Of Christian Morals To A Changing And Ungodly World
Nov 30 New Xulon Release Raises Awareness About The Education System
Nov 30 New Xulon Book Delivers Message To ALL In Today's Generation
Nov 30 New Xulon Book Reveals God’s Way Of Restoring Financial Power
Nov 30 New Xulon Contest Winner Promotes God's Love, Grace & Promises
Nov 25 New Xulon Book Combats Conflict: Fable Gives Help, Hope & Healing
Nov 24 New Xulon Book Tells Eskimo's Amazing Journey Into The �Hereafter�
Nov 24 New Xulon Book Prepares Readers For A Unique Spiritual Journey
Nov 24 New Xulon True Story: Adoption And Following God's Calling
Nov 24 New Xulon Personal Testimony: Basic Truth Principles Personified
Nov 23 Inspiring New Xulon Autobiography: Don't Face Mid-Life Crisis Alone
Nov 23 New Xulon Book Shares Author's Miraculous Near Death Experience
Nov 23 New Xulon Release Explores The Fascinating Book Of Revelation
Nov 23 New Xulon Book: Find The Genetic Blueprint That Makes You Unique
Nov 20 New Xulon Autobiography: Finding Miracles Through God's Word
Nov 19 Inspiring New Xulon Book Stirs Up/Renews The Passion For Christ
Nov 19 New Xulon Book: Living Out Faith Through Son's Terminal Illness
Nov 19 New Xulon Book: Christ-Centered Aussie Adventure for Tweens
Nov 19 New Xulon Book Reveals Earth-Shattering End Time Implications
Nov 19 New Xulon Biography: Overcoming Abuse By Encountering Jesus
Nov 18 New Xulon Book For Veterans Battling Re-Entry Into Civilian Life
Nov 18 New Xulon Autobiography: Finding Purpose Through The Pain
Nov 17 New Xulon Book: Learning To Worship The Father In Spirit And Truth
Nov 17 New Xulon Release Provides Healing From Ended Relationships
Nov 17 New Xulon Book: A Lesson In Trusting The Lord In All Situations
Nov 17 New Xulon Bible Study: Engages The Minds & Hearts Of Teenagers
Nov 17 New Xulon History Book Reveals The Truth To “We The People”
Nov 17 New Xulon Book: A Fresh, Poetic Approach To The Birth Of Christ
Nov 17 New Xulon Fiction Encourages That God Will NEVER Walk Away
Nov 17 New Xulon Book: Life, Salvation & The Christian Community
Nov 16 New Xulon Book: How To Ask God For Anything And Receive It
Nov 12 New Xulon Fiction Explores The Overlooked Life Of Joseph
Nov 12 Riveting New Xulon Book Of Inspirational Poems And Prose
Nov 12 New Xulon Christian Romance Demonstrates God's Loving Attributes
Nov 12 New Xulon Poetry Provides God's Word For The Famished & Hungry
Nov 12 New Xulon Release: Discover How To Experience Authentic Joy
Nov 11 New Xulon Book: Inspiring Story Of Fear – Relatable To All Women
Nov 11 New Xulon Book Raises Awareness To Family Court System Failures
Nov 11 New Xulon Book: An Inspiring And Encouraging Story Of Change
Nov 11 New Xulon Release Shares Important Steps To Eliminate Racism
Nov 11 New Xulon Testimony: One Act Of Kindness Makes A Big Difference
Nov 10 New Xulon Book: Powerful Message For Contemporary Women
Nov 10 New Xulon Children's Book: Life Lessons From A Young Cowboy
Nov 10 New Xulon 12-Week Devotional Unlocks Secret Place In Your Heart
Nov 10 Nuevo Libro De Xulon Comparte Testimonios Veridicos Del Soberano Dios
Nov 10 New Xulon Juvenile Fiction: Book 3 In Slobbery Stranger Trilogy
Nov 09 New Xulon Release: Explores Why Mankind Is Positioned On Earth
Nov 09 New Xulon Book Written For Single Women Looking For Love
Nov 06 New Xulon Devotional Encourages The Spiritual Life Of Christians
Nov 06 New Xulon Devotional: Good News Based Upon Truth Of Scripture
Nov 05 New Xulon Book: Increased Effectiveness For Leading Organizations
Nov 05 Inspiring New Xulon Book Helps Believers Walk The "Good News"
Nov 04 New Xulon Release Proves That Jesus Helps To Overcome Demons
Nov 04 New Xulon Book Guides Readers To Make A DETERMINED Difference
Nov 03 New Xulon Biography Recounts Struggles, Triumphs, Faith & Hope
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