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October 2015 Author Press Releases

Oct 30 New Xulon Children's Book: Unique Presentation Of Jesus' Birth
Oct 30 Exciting New Xulon Fiction: Reputations, Romance, Fear And Trust
Oct 30 New Xulon Juvenile Fiction Promotes Harmonious Inner Balance
Oct 30 New Xulon Fiction: How To Gain Spiritual Strength After Catastrophe
Oct 30 New Xulon Book Of Short Stories About Love, God & Family
Oct 30 New Xulon Release Inspires Readers To Live Out God's Purpose
Oct 30 New Xulon Book: Grace Leads A Born-And-Raised Muslim To Jesus
Oct 30 New Xulon Release: Inspiring Butterfly Fairytale For Youngsters
Oct 30 New Xulon Fiction: A Journey With Companionship, Grace & Hope
Oct 29 New Xulon Juvenile Fiction Helps Children Overcome Fear
Oct 29 New Xulon Juvenile Fiction: Promotes Reading Skills & Logic
Oct 28 New Xulon Guide: Making Better Choices For A Healthier Mind
Oct 28 New Xulon Release Offers Hope, Inspiration & Spiritual Strength
Oct 28 New Xulon Book Chronicles An Inspiring Walk Across America
Oct 28 New Xulon Juvenile Fiction Encourages Family Fun On Weekends
Oct 27 New Xulon Biblical Review: Understanding Heaven Before Death
Oct 27 Inspiring New Xulon Book: All Inclusive Assessment Of Worship
Oct 27 New Xulon Release: Faith-Filled Memories From Life On A Farm
Oct 27 New Xulon Book: 60 Devotionals To Be Read On Your Own Pace
Oct 27 New Xulon Book Of Poems And Paintings: From Sin to Salvation
Oct 26 New Xulon Photo Book Capture's God's Glory In Nature & Animals
Oct 26 Unique New Xulon Book Of Christian Poetry Presents Social Views
Oct 26 New Xulon Fiction: Powerful Story Of Trust, Guilt And Innocence
Oct 26 New Xulon Autobiography: Lessons from 80 Years Of Experience
Oct 23 New Xulon Juvenile Fiction: God Designed Each Person To Be Unique
Oct 23 Impressive New Xulon Book Explores Messianic Prophecies
Oct 23 Inspiring New Xulon True Story: Triumph In The Midst Of Pain
Oct 23 New Xulon Release: Sermons From An Inspiring Reverend & Mom
Oct 23 Powerful New Xulon Book From A Devout Muslim Turned Christian
Oct 22 New Xulon Book: Revolutionary Changes In Precious Metal Mining
Oct 22 New Xulon Fiction: Trials, Troubles, and Triumphant Transformations
Oct 22 New Xulon Fiction Tells Story Of Christian Persecution In The U.S.
Oct 21 New Xulon Fiction Based On True Account Of Finding One's Identity
Oct 21 New Xulon Book Explains God's Rescue Plan For The Human Race
Oct 21 New Xulon Biblical Guide On Surviving Storms & Transitions In Life
Oct 21 New Xulon Book Tells Miraculous Survival Story After Accident
Oct 21 New Xulon Sports Book By Hall Of Fame Soccer Professional
Oct 20 New Xulon Autobiography: A Journey With Breast Cancer
Oct 20 Thought-Provoking New Xulon Book: Unique Perspective of God
Oct 20 New Xulon Biography: Celebrating An Inspiring 95 Years Of Life
Oct 20 New Xulon Autobiography Shares Painful Secrets To Help Others
Oct 20 New Xulon Release Encourages All People To Seek Jesus
Oct 20 New Xulon Book Provides Humor, Religion And Inspiration For Teens
Oct 20 New Xulon Release: A Go-To Book For Truths About God's Word
Oct 16 New Xulon Book Of Muses, Scriptural Inspirations, Quotes & Prose
Oct 15 Inspiring New Xulon Book: LIVING LIFE in the Shadow of Death
Oct 14 Encouraging New Xulon Book: Go To 'The Word' For Enlightenment
Oct 14 New Xulon True Story: Overcoming Abuse With Faith, Hope, & Love
Oct 13 New Xulon Release Provides 7 Steps To Elevating Effective Prayer
Oct 13 New Xulon Book Conquers Grief Through The Eyes Of Teddy Bears
Oct 12 New Xulon Fiction: One Boy's Discovery Of His Jewish Heritage
Oct 12 New Xulon Book Of Devotions: Source Of Daily Encouragement
Oct 12 New Xulon Book Stops Readers From Sleepwalking Through Life
Oct 09 Compelling New Xulon Release Encourages Men Out Of Isolation
Oct 08 New Xulon Book Provides Unique Sermon Series For Preachers
Oct 06 New Xulon Fiction Tells Story Of Dreams & Spiritual Experiences
Oct 05 New Xulon Book Inspires The Mending Of Broken Hearts
Oct 05 New Xulon Release Encourages All To Live Life Without Limits
Oct 05 New Xulon Book Is A Must Read To Understand Islam Today
Oct 05 Revealing New Xulon Book Exposes Answers All Must Hear
Oct 05 New Xulon Book Written For Those Longing For God's Blessings
Oct 05 New Xulon Title Offers Riveting Perspective On Roe v. Wade Decision
Oct 05 New Xulon Book Inspires "Practicing the Presence of God" Daily
Oct 05 New Xulon Guide Provides Visual Reference For Worship
Oct 02 New Xulon Release Helps Conquer The Negativities Of Stress
Oct 02 New Xulon Book Reveals True Story Of Love, Mercy And Grace
Oct 01 New Xulon Book Presents Original Writings Of Founding Fathers
Oct 01 New Xulon Book Reveals Author's True Experiences With Jesus
Oct 01 New Xulon Autobiography Tells Story Of Abuse To Triumph
Oct 01 New Xulon Book Helps Readers Recover After Fall From Grace
Oct 01 New Xulon Commentary Outlines Saving Urban Communities
Oct 01 New Xulon Release Shares Life-Changing Events To Help Others
Oct 01 New Xulon Guide: How To Raise Children In The Lord's House
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