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Author Press Releases

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September 2015 Author Press Releases

Sep 30 New Xulon Youth Poetry Book Encourages Kids To Express Thoughts
Sep 30 New Xulon Fiction Inspires Readers To Dream, Believe & Achieve
Sep 30 New Xulon Fictional Story About Honor, Faith, Promises & Love
Sep 30 New Xulon Resource Helps Speakers Gain Audience Attention
Sep 30 New Xulon Paranormal Fiction Delves Deeply Into The Supernatural
Sep 29 New Xulon Poetry Book Provides Encouragement To Readers
Sep 29 Inspiring New Xulon Title Uses Poetry To Bring God Glory
Sep 29 New Xulon Book Reveals God's Word Concerning Health & Healing
Sep 29 New Xulon Book Tells Kids: All Are Unique & Loved By God
Sep 28 New Xulon Release: The Biggest Short Guy
Sep 28 New Xulon Release Reveals Misconceptions Of Proverbs 22:6
Sep 28 New Xulon Release Addresses Plight Of Young Men Of Color
Sep 28 Exciting New Xulon Autobiography Tells Miraculous Encounters
Sep 24 New Xulon Book: Upfront, Personal Look At A Life Redeemed
Sep 23 New Xulon Book Equips Reader To Be Ready When Jesus Returns
Sep 23 New Xulon Book Shares Personal Story Of Abuse To Offer Hope
Sep 23 New Xulon True Story Of Faith Will Inspire And Change Lives
Sep 22 New Xulon Release Tells Relatable Story Of Faith & God's Love
Sep 22 New Xulon Fictional Story Encourages All To Follow God's Plan
Sep 21 New Xulon Release Urges Believers To Defeat Mountain Demons
Sep 21 New Xulon Book Extols Workplace Ministry
Sep 21 Refreshing New Xulon Children's Book Explains Christmas
Sep 21 New Xulon Cookbook Instructs On Homemade Dog Food/Treats
Sep 21 New Xulon Book Helps Readers Endure Grief With Positivity
Sep 21 New Xulon Book Tells True Story Of Abuse Turned To Triumph
Sep 18 New Xulon Book Provides Inspiration As Author Fight's For Life
Sep 18 New Xulon Release Begins 8-Book Adventure Series For Teens
Sep 18 New Xulon Release Provides Complete & Realistic View Of Islam
Sep 17 New Xulon Autobiography Tells Musician's Story Of Finding God
Sep 16 New Xulon Bible Study Authored By A Pastor And A Lay Person
Sep 16 New Xulon Release Offers Journal Of Comfort To The Grieving
Sep 16 New Xulon Book Reveals God's Next Big Prophetic Event
Sep 15 New Xulon Release Features Devotion, Prayer and Poetry
Sep 15 Helpful New Xulon Release Offers Hope To The Hopeless
Sep 15 New Xulon Children's Tale Tells Of Grandmother's Endless Love
Sep 15 New Xulon Book Tells Of Author's Divine Purpose To Serve God
Sep 15 Exciting New Xulon Fiction Intertwines Faith With Romance
Sep 14 New Xulon Book Tells Importance Of Men Pastoring At Home
Sep 14 New Xulon Fiction Centers On Nuclear Development Politics
Sep 11 Powerful New Xulon Release Shares The Power Of Healing
Sep 11 New Xulon Book Explores The Revelation Of Jesus Christ
Sep 11 New Xulon Fiction Weaves Gospel Through Murder Mystery
Sep 11 New Xulon Book Tells Prophetic Truth For Now And The Future
Sep 11 New Xulon Release Biblically Defines True Meaning Of God
Sep 10 New Xulon Book Fights Domestic Abuse With Love And Respect
Sep 10 New Xulon Title Is An Inspiring Guide For Expanding Prayer Life
Sep 10 New Xulon Book Explores Christian Vs. Homosexuality Debate
Sep 10 New Xulon Title Provides Unique View Of Satan And His Tactics
Sep 10 New Xulon Title Is Final Book In Exciting Zoe Pencarrow Series
Sep 09 New Xulon Title Empowers Women To Know Their Value To God
Sep 09 New Xulon Release Teaches Navigation Through The Heavens
Sep 09 New Xulon Theological Book Promotes Unification Of Churches
Sep 09 New Xulon Book Encourages Transformation To Think Like God
Sep 09 Inspiring New Xulon Title Promotes Marketplace Transformation
Sep 09 New Xulon Book Uses Riveting Poetry To Prove God's Existence
Sep 09 New Xulon Book Assists In Understanding Of The Scriptures
Sep 09 Heartwarming New Xulon Children's Book Encourages Adoption
Sep 08 New Xulon Title Shares Story Of Faith Through Good And Bad
Sep 08 New Xulon Book Reveals Adoption/Reunion Story Of 4 Siblings
Sep 08 New Xulon Title Tells One Man's Journey To Carve A Monument
Sep 08 New Xulon Release Provides Thought-Provoking Devotionals
Sep 08 New Xulon Book Shows God's Love Through Author's Example
Sep 08 New Xulon Release Provides 160 Thought-Provoking Prayers
Sep 08 New Xulon Title Tells The Importance Of Relationship With God
Sep 03 New Xulon Book Inspires Readers To Choose Spiritual Journey
Sep 02 New Xulon Book Inspires Purposeful And Love-Filled Destiny
Sep 02 New Xulon Children's Book Tells Cute Story Of Child Missionary
Sep 02 New Xulon Autobiography Tells Of Smoking Cessation Miracle
Sep 02 New Xulon Life Story Praises Jesus As The Only Answer
Sep 02 New Xulon Book Offers Special Prayers From The Heart To God
Sep 02 New Xulon Release Exposes Important Misdoings Of The ACLU
Sep 02 New Xulon Book Examines Glory As The Lord's Standard For All
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