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Author Press Releases

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January 2018 Author Press Releases

Jan 31 Small Town Teacher Pens Small Town Drama
Jan 31 Prophetic Husband and Wife Release Guide to Living Biblically
Jan 31 Xulon Releases Guide to Seeing God's Work
Jan 31 Author Reflects on God's Role in Overcoming Loss as a Child
Jan 29 Xulon Author Recounts God's Healing Power through Praise
Jan 29 Xulon Author Analyzes God's Faith to Save His Creation
Jan 29 Professor of Exegetics Explores Misogyny through Biblical Lens
Jan 29 Xulon Author Shares Personal Story of Salvation from Sin
Jan 29 Christian Memoir Reveals a Mother's Strength During Her Son's Self-Destruction
Jan 29 Xulon Author Shares Stories of Loss, Grief, Abuse, and Finding Hope in God's Strength
Jan 26 Xulon Author Releases Christian Thriller
Jan 26 Xulon Author Shares Loss of Children to Help Others Heal
Jan 26 Xulon Release Encourages Women to Embrace Imperfection Through God's Word
Jan 26 Xulon Author Shares Stories of Prophetic Gifts
Jan 26 Xulon Press Releases Civil War Christian Western
Jan 26 A Christian economist Writes About Spiritual, Economic Link
Jan 26 Xulon Author Examines Jamaican Culture through Education and Family
Jan 26 Hospice Worker Writes Stories of Faith from Patients' Last Days
Jan 25 Xulon Author Inspires Closer Reading of the Bible
Jan 25 Xulon Author Sends Childhood Sexual Abuser to Prison Thirty Years Later
Jan 25 Caribbean TV Host Releases Motivational Book with Xulon Press
Jan 25 Pastor Authors Testimony of Childhood Abuse and Salvation
Jan 25 Great-Grandfather Writes Book For Fatherless Christians
Jan 18 Levitical Priestess Encourages Women to Speak Out About Abuse
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