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August 2019 Author Press Releases

Aug 28 Was I Born for This? Xulon Press Author Encourages All Those Who Ask Whether God Made Them Homosexual
Aug 28 Xulon Press Offers Encouragement to Those Weighed Down by Past Failures
Aug 28 Xulon Press Declares that the Creator is Still Speaking to His Children
Aug 28 First-Time Xulon Author Releases Biography about Being Married to a Sex Addict
Aug 28 Imagination is the Key to Seeing Truth Everywhere in New Book from Xulon Press
Aug 28 Xulon Press Provides a New Guide to Help Believers Mature in Christ
Aug 28 First-Time Xulon Author Releases Children's Book
Aug 28 Xulon Press Presents a New Children's Book about Facing Fear
Aug 28 Family-Based Ministry May Be Key to Long-Term Faithfulness to Christ
Aug 28 New Book Tells the Stories of the Bible Like You've Never Heard them Before
Aug 28 No Matter the Opposition, God Can Use Any Surrendered Vessel for His Glory
Aug 28 Xulon Author Releases Third Book in Series about Signs from God
Aug 28 Did You Think That the Gospel Was About Your Salvation? Think Again.
Aug 28 Retired Naval Officer Shares Inspiring Stories from the Cold War and Beyond
Aug 28 Xulon Press Presents an Original Take on the Second Coming of Christ
Aug 28 Pastor, Xulon Author Releases Book on Joining Believers of Different Denominations
Aug 28 One Family's History Highlights God's Provision in Universal Ways
Aug 28 The Peace Ridge Village Series is Back with More Small Town Encouragement
Aug 28 Xulon Author Releases Second Book in Four-Part Fantasy Series
Aug 26 Xulon Press Offers a Profound Look at the First Portion of the World's History
Aug 26 Xulon Author Releases Book on the Power of Faith and Obedience
Aug 21 Xulon Author Teaches Children the Importance of Listening to God
Aug 21 Gary Fuss and Xulon Press Share Amazing Stories that Show God is Real
Aug 21 If You Think There Must Be Something More to the Christian Life, it's Because There is
Aug 21 Xulon Author and Bible Teacher Guides Believers in Their Christian Growth
Aug 21 Xulon Author James A. Durham Digs Deeper into Seven Redemptive Promises of God
Aug 21 Xulon Author Releases Book about Faith and Believing
Aug 21 First-Time Xulon Author Releases Book Describing her Search for a Dependable Being
Aug 06 First-Time Xulon Author Releases Book Addressing Cultural Reconciliation with Church and Society
Aug 06 First-Time Xulon Author Releases Heart-Filled Book of His Troubling but Redeeming Times
Aug 06 It's More than Recitation
Aug 06 Go With the Flow
Aug 06 Equipping Tomorrow's Leaders
Aug 06 Tips for Those Seeking Purpose and Success
Aug 06 First-Time Xulon Author Releases Intriguing Book about Hearing the Voice of God
Aug 06 Former Muslim, Xulon Author Releases Book About God's Love As Revealed by Jesus
Aug 06 Empowerment in the Face of Difficulty
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