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December 2019 Author Press Releases

Dec 30 To Reach Life's End with Peace in Your Heart and a Smile on Your Face
Dec 28 Dog Surfing Competition Showcases Talent and Dogs' Personalities in Short Story
Dec 28 Final Installation in Trilogy Shows That Redemption Is Possible for All, No Matter What
Dec 28 Knowledge of Events of Holy Week and Resurrection Leads to Relationship with The Lord
Dec 28 The Enemy Comes to Destroy, but Prayer Can Keep Marriages Together
Dec 28 Confession, Repentance, Prayer, and the Spirit can Awake America
Dec 28 Inspirational Poetry and Unconditional Love
Dec 28 Children's Book Teaching Awareness Inspires Top Shelf Book Signing Event at Barnes & Noble
Dec 28 God Can Do Away With Generational Curses So His Children Can Reach Their Full Potential
Dec 28 God Uses Our Lives, No Matter What They Look Like, To Draw Us to Him through Jesus
Dec 21 A Testimony of Victorious Christian Living: The Hope That Comes From The Bible
Dec 21 God's Gift to Us in Jesus: A Devotional with Poetry of Praise and Worship
Dec 21 This War Story Shows That the Real War is Not Always the Obvious One
Dec 19 If 1,200 Pages Seems Like a Little Much for You, You Can Start Smaller
Dec 19 Traveling to China: Life Lessons and Multicultural Education
Dec 19 Since the beginning of time, Christian women have been conditioned to suffer in silence.
Dec 16 Experience the True Story of Joseph, the Dreamer, Like Never Before
Dec 16 Interpreting the Bible, Understanding New Mysteries, and Listening to Our God
Dec 16 Through the Daily Struggles of Single Parenthood, You Are Never Alone
Dec 16 We Trust Our Government and State Agencies to Defend Abuse Victims. But Do They?
Dec 16 A Collection of Four Adventure Stories Offers Both Fun and Important Morals
Dec 16 Feeling Good About Who You Are and Not What You Look Like: Finding True Beauty
Dec 16 The Decisions We Make Alter Our Life's Course. Where Are You Headed?
Dec 16 Follow One Woman on Her Journey to a Personal Relationship with Christ
Dec 13 An Extraordinary Experience Belies the Ordinary and Offers Glimpse of Heaven
Dec 13 A Purpose to the Pain: Enduring Cancer with Patience and Giving God the Glory
Dec 13 No Force is Equal to a Mother's Love. Is There One Equal to Her Heartbreak?
Dec 13 Loved By a Higher Power and Here for a Reason: Encouragement and Direction
Dec 13 An Analysis Of the Generational Leaders in the Vietnamese Church in America
Dec 13 Jesus Never Leaves His Children, Even Amidst Their Difficulties and Heartbreaks
Dec 13 Did Humans Evolve from Apes? From Aliens? Why Does it Matter, Anyway?
Dec 13 As the Core Unit of Society, Families Serve an Irreplaceable Role
Dec 13 Collection of Garden Facts, Quotes, Anecdotes, and History In 140 Characters or More
Dec 13 Six Traps to Avoid and Save Yourself a Lifetime of Pain and Suffering
Dec 13 The Better Way to Get Through the Hell That Is Divorce
Dec 13 Christ's Followers Can Live Miraculous, Abundant Lives through God's Grace
Dec 12 The Church Needs to Wake Up and Address Issues of Sexual Abuse Within its Ranks
Dec 12 Suffering Is Not the End: Learning to Relate to God in Times of Trouble
Dec 12 Greed Is the Way to Destruction: A Tale of Treasure Hunting
Dec 12 Understanding Repentance: Personal and Spiritual Growth in Trying Times
Dec 12 Friendship: Aaron's Journey and What We Can Learn From His Story
Dec 12 Final Part to Corporate Christian Trilogy: Instructions and Encouragement for Battle
Dec 12 Christ is Returning for His Church, But Has She Lost Her First Love?
Dec 12 Riding With, Eating With, and Working With the Cast Members of Discovery's Gold Rush
Dec 12 True Happiness: It's Possible To Find When We Follow God's Lead
Dec 12 Abigail's Wisdom Caught David's Attention and Earned Her a Place as Queen
Dec 06 Want to Fulfill Your Destiny? You Might Be Looking in the Wrong Place
Dec 06 Unusual Honesty: Prayers and Watercolors to Hold, Cherish, and Reflect On
Dec 06 The Importance of Democracy: Urging People to Do Their Part for Society
Dec 06 Discover How Great The Father's Love Is – By Reading A Text Message
Dec 06 God is So Just and Pure that I Will Never Be “Good Enough”. Why Even Try?
Dec 06 Just Because Others Say You're Done, Doesn't Have to Mean It's Over
Dec 06 The Story of Christ Should Be Available for All to Read and Understand
Dec 06 When Leading Others, it Generally Helps to Know Where One is Going
Dec 06 There is Hope and Guidance for Those Overcome by Anger, Bitterness and Hate
Dec 05 The Founder and Teachings of the Seventh Day Adventist Church are Under Scrutiny
Dec 05 Inspiring Stories about Children Encourages Readers to Take Action
Dec 05 You Don't Have to Be a Slave to Your Expenses and Debt. Learn How to Break Free!
Dec 05 Ever Feel Like the Bible is Out of Date? Rachel Jones Encourages You to Think Again!
Dec 05 Whatever the Problem, God Cares. Prayer is Powerful and Effective
Dec 05 Embrace God's Plan for Your Finances and Benefit from His Ageless Wisdom
Dec 05 Create and Live a Life of Service and Significance and Discover Your Destiny
Dec 05 Honoring God with One's Whole Heart Brings Transformation
Dec 05 New Book Offers Hope to a Hurting World by Showing God's Love
Dec 05 Children Need a Strong Foundation in the Lord, and Parents Can Show Them That
Dec 05 From Sharecropper to Evangelist, Ernestine Weaver Shares Devotionals from God's Word
Dec 05 Christ's Followers Should Not Blend In. Others Should See the Difference!
Dec 05 A Call to Return to Historical and Biblical Understanding of Basic Christian Issues
Dec 05 Grief Can Seem Overwhelming, But Families Can Find Life After Loss
Dec 05 Readers Will Understand How to Be A Man of God How to Raise One
Dec 05 Are Modern Churches Misinterpreting the Word and Dividing the Body of Christ?
Dec 05 Drama and Hardship are Running Rampant in Springdale. Will There be Mercy to Match?
Dec 05 Women Have Struggled for Respect from the Beginning of Human History. Why?
Dec 05 Readers Will Experience Snap's Surprises, Thrills, and Experiences As She Grows Up
Dec 04 God Created Marriage and Has Given Us the Tools and Roles to Succeed
Dec 04 Youthfulness Has No Age Limit! Find Out How to Be Your Best Over Fifty
Dec 04 Hear Amazing Stories of Animals' Effects on Their Humans' Lives…From the Pets!
Dec 04 Ever Wonder How 1+1+1=1? New Study Reveals God's Nature and Fellowship with Mankind
Dec 04 Readers Will Find Encouragement to Embrace God's Heart and Prophetic Gifts
Dec 04 Spend Forty Days in the Bible and See Your Life Transformed by God's Word
Dec 04 Life Story Provides Enlightenment and Awakens the Hidden Spirit
Dec 04 Daily Bible Devotional Shares Ageless Wisdom from the Book of Psalms
Dec 04 Dystopian Story Portrays How Christian Life Is Possible Despite Any and All Difficulties
Dec 04 Readers Can Heal and Grow No Matter What They've Been Through
Dec 04 Inspiring Book of Devotional Poetry Invites Readers to Meditate on the Word
Dec 04 Book Two in the Redneck Chronicles Depicts Farm Life in Arkansas
Dec 04 Over the Centuries, Have We Lost Vital Portions of the Original Gospel?
Dec 04 Tool for All Looking for Wisdom Shows the Weight of Sin and Deliverance
Dec 04 Readers Can Learn to Improve Their Health by Changing Their Lifestyle
Dec 03 Xulon Press Author Releases A New Book To Look Up For The Lord's Coming
Dec 03 Xulon Press Offers A Life Changing Program for Readers, Who Are Seeking A Radical Experience With God
Dec 03 Whatever is the Readers' Situation, The Street Is Not the Way
Dec 03 Xulon Gardening Compendium Travels the Globe with Author's Favorite Garden Selections on Geography, History, and Politics
Dec 03 Poetry Anthology Expresses a Range of Emotions for Spanish Readers
Dec 03 Surrender: What God's Word Says and How Life Changes When We Surrender
Dec 03 A Stand Against the Leviathan – Avoiding Nuclear Holocaust
Dec 03 New Book Based on Ruth Displays How God Uses People Through Their Ups and Downs
Dec 03 We are 'The One Jesus Loves' Because We Belong To Our Heavenly Father
Dec 03 Satan is Real and Believers Can Use Biblical Truths to Arm Themselves Against Him
Dec 03 Readers Will See God Heal Their Difficult and Painful Past Experiences in Powerful Ways.
Dec 03 Readers Can Find Encouragement and Instruction in a Year of Prayer
Dec 03 Accept Jesus Today and Let Him Spare You Some of Your Worst Mistakes
Dec 03 What Would You Do If You Could Give Your Bullies a Taste of Their Own Medicine?
Dec 03 Following God's Calling On Your Life: Observations From Paul's Life and Journeys
Dec 03 No One Else Can Decide Whether or Not You Will Succeed. That is Up to You
Dec 03 Consider Your Path and What Brought You to This Point: Inspiring Positivity
Dec 03 A Catchy Melody, Timeless Stories and Beautiful Pictures Make a Perfect Combination
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