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January 2020 Author Press Releases

Jan 31 In an Age When Few Know the Meaning of Sabbath, Others Value it Greatly
Jan 31 If the Obstacle in Your Way Seems Too Big, Then Jump Higher
Jan 31 Two Fascinating People Joined Forces to Embark on an Exceptional Journey
Jan 31 Exercising Faith: An Example of Celibacy for Unmarried Youth and Those Close to Them
Jan 31 The Remedy to Many Acts of Terrorism: Needed and Necessary Miracles
Jan 31 With Patience and the Right Amount of Pressure, Mere Rocks Can Be Priceless
Jan 29 Through the Storms of Life, Believers Can Cling to the Hope Found in Christ
Jan 28 Take God's Outstretched Hand and Climb Your Mountain One Step at a Time
Jan 28 Church Leaders, Take Note! Here is a Hands-On Guide Written Just for You
Jan 28 God's Perfect Wisdom Working Beyond Our Reasoning: Biblical Truths Pointing to Him
Jan 28 Consulting the Bible to Learn How to Follow Guidance and Spiritual Wisdom
Jan 28 Praising The Lord by Reading His Word and Learning About His Plan
Jan 28 God's Mercy and Tender Regard, Poured Down Upon His Children: Receiving With Thanks
Jan 28 A Story Demonstrating God's Love and Mercy When We Have Sinned
Jan 28 God Still Speaks To Us Today: By God's Grace, We Can Have A Relationship With Him
Jan 28 Reading and Prayerfully Receiving the Word of the Lord: Spending Time in Scripture
Jan 28 A Collection of Truth About God's Over-Arching, All-Encompassing Love and Mercy
Jan 28 He Harbored Prejudice Against Prisoners – Until He Became One of Them
Jan 28 Letters to God: A Non-Fiction Approach to Developing a Relationship with God
Jan 28 Fans of Thomas Pilgrim and Barney High Tail Rejoice – They're Back!
Jan 24 Challenging Emotions: Understanding the Past and the Father's Role in the Future
Jan 24 Author Shares Her Memories of Country Life Over Half a Century Ago
Jan 24 A New Answer to An Old Question: Why Does a Good God Allow Bad Things?
Jan 24 In Spite of a World Full of Suffering, Followers of Christ Have an Incredible Future Awaiting Them!
Jan 24 No Matter What Valley You May Be Passing Through, God Is There With You
Jan 24 Read the First-Hand Account of the Life of a True Veteran of the Faith
Jan 24 An Outlook on Raising Children From a Mother's Perspective
Jan 23 One Man Helps His Wife Navigate the Waters of Treatment for a Fatal Illness
Jan 23 A Kingdom-First Consciousness Versus Culture's Credit-Consciousness
Jan 23 Preserving Culture: One Woman's Experience and Her Family's Stories of Occupation
Jan 23 Motivational Guide and Devotional Encourages Readers to Never Give Up
Jan 23 Inheriting the Kingdom of God: Understanding Jesus' Words and the Power of His Blood
Jan 23 Beautifully Illustrated Children's Fiction Inspires Young Readers to Care For Others
Jan 23 The Struggle for Human Souls: An Ongoing Battle In New Suspense Fiction
Jan 23 Direct Biblical Approach to Suffering, Grief, and Healing: Hope in Christ
Jan 23 Identify Your Growth Zone! Learning Eight Principles That Lead to Growth in Churches
Jan 23 Join Samson on His Journey as He Finds Adventures and Love Along His Way
Jan 23 Following Christ is Not Just a Phrase – It Can Save You a Lot of Heartache
Jan 23 Wilkerson Returns with Another Enchanting Nature Story for Children
Jan 23 At the End of Your Life, Will You Remember What You Did for Yourself or for Someone Else?
Jan 14 Prophecies of the Last Days: The Great Tribulation and Second Coming
Jan 14 No Matter What Your Past May Have Been, There Is Hope For Your Future
Jan 14 Same Savior Who Died for Our Sins: Solid Biblical Solutions for Christian Union
Jan 14 The Lives of Jesus and Joseph Have Much to Teach Believers Seeking Success
Jan 13 Man Dies in Motorcycle Crash…And Miraculously Lives to be Reborn
Jan 13 What Does it Mean to be Part of the Church, the Body of Christ? Ephesians Has the Answer.
Jan 13 What Should You Do When God Tells You To Leave, But Doesn't Tell You Where To Go?
Jan 13 Is God Involved in His Children's Daily Lives? This Minister Says “Yes”
Jan 13 Fifty-Five Years of Walking With God is Sure to Produce Some Amazing Results!
Jan 13 A Believer's Strong Foundation Sustained Her Through the Storms of Life
Jan 13 One Father, One Daughter, Ten Years, Many Compositions, One Book
Jan 13 Instead of Criticizing Others, Perhaps We Should Concentrate on Accepting Ourselves
Jan 13 At Times, the Biggest Feelings Can Be Best Expressed in a Few Words
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