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February 2020 Author Press Releases

Feb 29 The Book And Movie Certainly Got Tongues Wagging, But Is The Story True?
Feb 27 Many Have Proffered a Date for Doomsday, But Barber Cites the Year 2024
Feb 21 Looking for A Life Line and Deeper Meaning in Scripture
Feb 21 Christian Leadership Who Cares: Avoiding Becoming Content Within the Walls of Church
Feb 21 Sharing Experiences that Please the Lord to Build the Body of Christ
Feb 21 Sensitive to God's Presence and Spiritual Entities In a Cultural Rise In Hauntings
Feb 21 While Many Are Frustrated By The Quality of Education, Others Are Seeing the Results of Faith and Motivation
Feb 21 Even If You Feel That Your Life is Barren and Pointless, There Is Hope!
Feb 14 Original Fantasy Stories Drive Biblical Truths Home to Young Adults
Feb 13 Christian Women Hear a Lot About Submission…But Do They Know What it is?
Feb 13 How to Build a Successful Marriage
Feb 12 Want to Get to Know God Better? He Has Introduced Himself in His Word.
Feb 12 Devotional for Spiritual Growth Filled with Scripture, Words, and Alliteration
Feb 12 A Teaching Tool for Many Situations: Guardi and Angel Work on the Ranch
Feb 12 Reference for Students, Educators, Churches, Laity, and the General Public
Feb 12 First-Time Xulon Author Releases Children's Book on the Creation of the World
Feb 12 New Children's Book Demonstrates Faith, Family and Kindness as well as Fe, Familia y Bondad
Feb 12 7 Promises from God's Word To Count On In Trials and Times of Darkness
Feb 07 Why a Good God Would Allow Evil to Enter the World: The Answer Is Found in the Bible
Feb 07 Liberian Refugee Shares His Story of Hope and Purpose
Feb 07 Do Our Prayers Affect God's Actions? Read and See.
Feb 07 New Perspective On Hanukkah from a Jewish Believer in Yeshua the Messiah
Feb 06 Lessons on Life, Leadership, and Love – A Transformational Journey
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