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August 2020 Author Press Releases

Aug 25 Although Many Have Struggled to Define God, One Sentence Says It All
Aug 25 Have You Considered That the Star of “The Prodigal Son” Isn't the Son At All?
Aug 25 What Seeds Have Been Sown in Your Life, And What Fruit Can You Already See?
Aug 25 Three People Decide to End Abortion, and the Results Are Nothing Like What They Expected!
Aug 25 Author Uses the Art of Poetry to Encourage Readers to Pursue an Irreplaceable Relationship with Their Creator
Aug 25 If Your Earthly Father Failed You, Your Heavenly Father is Waiting to Make it Up to You
Aug 18 One Woman Shares the Daily Wisdom God Whispers to Her Heart
Aug 18 The True Story of One Man Who Refused to Let His Past Define His Future
Aug 18 Love Exposes, Refines, and Pinpoints Destination.
Aug 18 Studying Moses' Leadership of Israel Through the Wilderness Can Help Pastors Effectively Deal with Conflict Now.
Aug 18 Single Mother of Four Encourages Readers to Embrace God's Plan for Their Lives
Aug 12 New Apologetic Re-Introduces a Classic Perspective on the Book of Revelation
Aug 12 Humans Are In a Unique Position to Protect Our Planet; Let's Do It Right
Aug 12 Relationship and Marriage Counselor Teaches Readers How to Treat Their Relationships Like Partnerships.
Aug 12 Life is Full of Difficulties, But There is a Light at the End of the Tunnel
Aug 10 New Novel Shows How God is Good, Even When Everything Around Us Looks Bad
Aug 07 A Young Girl Learns About Ethnic Dance and Discovers Her Own Heritage and Culture
Aug 07 No Matter How Long Ago You Were the Victim of Abuse, Your Behavior Can Still Be Shaped By It
Aug 07 Our World is Drowning in Misery and We Are Plagued by the Ever Present Question: Why?
Aug 04 All Battle Scars Are Not Physical; Many Are Hidden Below the Surface
Aug 01 Readers Will Improve Their Intimacy With God, Experience Spiritual Awakening, and Be Equipped and Empowered to Transform Their Lives.
Aug 01 Spiritual Forces May Be Behind the Difficulties You Face, Yet Cannot Explain
Aug 01 Fewer People Are Attending Church Services, But Are There Fewer Christians?
Aug 01 It's Often A Cliché, But When Dealing With People All You Need Is Love
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