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September 2020 Author Press Releases

Sep 29 Many Believers Claim to Hear the Voice of God, But Not Quite Like This
Sep 29 This Personal Memoir Will Encourage and Inspire Readers Going Through Hard Situations
Sep 23 Experience the Story of Mary Magdalene, One of the Most Dramatic Examples of God's Forgiveness
Sep 18 You May Believe in the Reality of God, But How Can You Prove It to Others?
Sep 18 If the Idea of Mentoring Sounds Intimidating, Let a Pro Help You Get Started
Sep 17 You May Feel Alone In Your Grief, But God is Ever Present
Sep 17 Has Your Life Been Impacted By Adoption? No Two Cases Are Alike, But There Are People Who Understand
Sep 17 After Salvation, the Church is the Next Essential Pillar of Discipleship
Sep 17 Xulon Book Shows Readers How to Train Their Minds to Believe in Themselves.
Sep 17 Xulon Author and Her Family Care For Nature and Learn More About God, Too.
Sep 17 Memoir Relates One Woman's Love for Adventure and for the God Who Accompanies Her Through It
Sep 17 If the Bible Feels Antiquated and Out of Touch, You Just Need Some Help Understanding It
Sep 17 Children and Parents Alike Will Be Enchanted By the Fun-Loving Antics of Charlie Mouse
Sep 17 New Xulon Bible Study Will Provide a Foundation for Prayer and Intercession.
Sep 17 Stories from the Mission Field Will Inspire and Instruct Readers to “Get Into The Game”
Sep 17 Author Explores the Many Interpretations of the Book of Genesis
Sep 17 One Man's Life Story Demonstrates God's Life-Changing Power
Sep 17 Readers Can Find Biblical Answers To Fulfill the Destiny God Has Designed for Them
Sep 11 Life-Long Baseball Lover Uses His Favorite Game to Inspire Others
Sep 11 She Thought Her Mistake Was Forgotten Forever, But God Had Other Plans
Sep 04 In Spite of the World's Ugliness, Those Who Are Seeking Will Also Find Incomparable Majesty
Sep 04 One Woman Found Her Greatest Peace in the Eye of the Storm
Sep 04 One Woman's Miraculous Healing Extended Beyond the Physical
Sep 01 What Do You Do When You've Looked for Love in All the Wrong Places and Come Up Empty?
Sep 01 Not All Trauma Results From Physical Pain, Nor Does it Necessarily Leave Visible Scars
Sep 01 The Chronos Trilogy Continues With the Second Time-Traveling Installment
Sep 01 Would You Be Too Chicken To Meet A Dinosaur's Cousin?
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