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October 2020 Author Press Releases

Oct 31 Author Joins King David in Using Poetry to Encourage Others and Bring God Glory
Oct 31 Practical Guidance on Becoming the Man the Creator Meant You to Be
Oct 31 Let the Power of Words Open Your Eyes to Beauty and Your Heart to Laughter
Oct 31 A Tropical Fish Coloring Book Is a Great Way to See the Beautiful Underwater World.
Oct 28 To Those Who Put Their Trust in Christ, Our Earthly Goodbyes Need Not Be Permanent
Oct 27 The Right Person at the Right Time Can Turn Someone's World Around
Oct 27 Some Important Truths Should Be Kept Handy At All Times, So Don't Forget!
Oct 27 The Underrepresented and Forgotten Need a Voice, And Who Better Than One Who Truly Understands?
Oct 27 New Book Encourages Readers to Make the Choice to Take Charge of Their Lives
Oct 27 All the Education in the World Can't Replace an Experience with the Lord
Oct 27 New Devotional Speaks to the Hearts of Outdoor Lovers Who See God in His Creation
Oct 27 When You're No Longer a Teen but Still Need Some Guidance, Cummings Has Got You Covered!
Oct 22 Behind Every Man Is A Good Woman, And She Is Often Exhausted and Underappreciated
Oct 22 She Shouts Because God Took Her Hopeless Life and Turned It Around
Oct 22 What If You Knew Not Only Who Created the Universe, But Why He Did It?
Oct 22 War Can Take a Man's Best Years, But Grant Him His Greatest Friends
Oct 20 Believers Should Change the Way They Understand Their Part in God's Kingdom
Oct 20 We Can Overcome Circumstances – Siblings Teach Readers Their Parents' Lessons.
Oct 20 Husbands Will Learn Conflict Resolution, How to Overcome Difficulty, and Have Increased Confidence.
Oct 20 Science Continues to Confirm the Bible, and the Creation is No Exception
Oct 20 The Muddied Waters Become Clear When Believers' Faith is Authentic
Oct 20 A Grandmother Shares Her Cherished Memories of Her Beloved Grandson
Oct 20 Inspirational Leadership Book Asks Readers to Consider Their Character and Legacy.
Oct 20 Korean War Veteran Reveals Stories from His Time Overseas.
Oct 20 Conditions Impacting Readers Physically, Mentally, and Spiritually Can Promote Healing.
Oct 20 A Journey of Recovery to Reclaim a Childhood and Innocence Taken
Oct 20 No One Can Tell Their Own Story Without Including the People Who Helped to Write It
Oct 20 New Autobiography Inspires Readers with Stories of Personal Growth.
Oct 20 Readers Will Learn that God Is Speaking and How to Hear His Voice.
Oct 20 Storms Are A Part of Life and We Are Destined to Face Them; God Can Give Us Peace in Those Storms
Oct 20 Continuous Peace Paves the Way For Us to Live the Life That God Intended.
Oct 20 Inspirational Life Story Will Encourage and Show How God Steps In and Impacts Lives
Oct 20 Revolutionizing Marriages Takes Hard Work, but Is Worth The Effort
Oct 20 Jesus Is An Immensely Powerful Name, But There Are Still More To Know
Oct 14 Children's Book Explores the Magical Wonder of God's Winter Creation
Oct 14 Do You Ever Wonder Why the Creator Put You Here? Why Don't You Find Out?
Oct 14 God Desires an Intimate, Fulfilling Relationship with His Children
Oct 14 Maybe Now Christians Will Stop Bickering Over the Gift of Tongues
Oct 14 In Modern Times, Should We Still Observe the Sabbath Day and Keep it Holy?
Oct 14 No Man Will See Heaven Until His Time, But Christian Fiction Can Help Us Imagine
Oct 14 A Mother Shares the Story of Her Son's Tragic Accident and Miraculous Recovery
Oct 07 Collection of Devotions Is Filled With God's Word and Encouragement.
Oct 07 'Close to the Edge' Is A Non-Fiction, Inspirational Book to Help Christians Understand Theology
Oct 07 With God's Power, Believers Can Reach Out, Rescue, Restore, and Repair What Is At Stake.
Oct 07 Get Ready to Draw Near to God and Begin to Live an Extraordinary Life in an Ordinary World
Oct 07 Believers Will Grow In Wisdom and Hear God Speak Through Their Dreams
Oct 07 Christian Devotional and Personal Memoir Will Encourage Personal Growth In Readers
Oct 07 Overcome The Past, Forgive, Build a New Foundation, and Move Forward.
Oct 05 Let This New Study Guide You into an Irreplaceable Relationship with God
Oct 05 When You're Tired of the Results You Get From Following Your Own Way, Try His
Oct 05 In the Midst of a Difficult Year, God is Still Waiting for His Children With Open Arms
Oct 01 Tested Through Many Obstacles, She Dedicated Her Life to Serving Others
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