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July 2020 Author Press Releases

Jul 31 You Are Not Beyond Repair; God Specializes in Heartbreak and Recovery
Jul 31 You Can Allow Your Difficulties to Define You, Or Use Them as a Springboard to Success
Jul 31 New Guide Gives Instructions for Living a Triumphant Life Every Day
Jul 31 A New Children's Adventure Emerges For Those Who Wonder Who They Are And Why They're Here
Jul 30 How Do You Measure the Growth of Society, and What Factors Aid or Hinder This Growth?
Jul 30 Readers Struggling with Rejection Will be Encouraged by Author's Story of Healing.
Jul 24 Greek Instructor Seeks to Break Down the Barriers of Denominations and Focus on the Pure Word of God
Jul 24 During One of the Darkest Events in Recent History, a Century-Old Organization Supplied Aid and Encouragement
Jul 24 A Woman of the World Shares Her Stories and Her Many Prayers for the World
Jul 24 Women Around the World Ask, “Am I the Light Girl, the Dark Girl or Both?”
Jul 20 Everyone at some point in life has had a life altering experience.
Jul 20 Jesus Can Change Any Life, Especially One Torn By Abandonment and Pain
Jul 15 One Bad Decision Often Leads to Another, But Every Once in a While We Get a Second Chance
Jul 15 Far From Being Her Protection, This Officer Was Her Unceasing Tormentor
Jul 15 God Doesn't Always Stop Bad Things from Happening, But He Never Leaves You to Face Them Alone
Jul 15 Xulon Author's Inspirational Personal Memoir Inspires Personal Growth in Readers.
Jul 15 Readers Can Survive the Past, Live Blessed, Feel Good, and Have a Better Future.
Jul 15 Don't Let The Past Define You in Unhealthy Ways; Step Toward Wholeness and Growth.
Jul 09 Children's Story Inspires Young Readers to Save Money from A Young Age.
Jul 09 Seeking His Glory: Learn How to See the Manifestations of the Spirit of God.
Jul 09 Readers Will Learn How to Gain Victory Over Lust and Sexual Sin.
Jul 08 Take Notice of Israel's Kings Who Followed God for a Time, Only to Leave Him in the End
Jul 08 We All Know Life Is A Continuous Battle, So We Should Know How to Suit Up!
Jul 08 Happiness May Seem Elusive, But Joy Is Not Dependent On Your Circumstances
Jul 08 Humans' True Character is Tested When a New Threat Turns the World Upside Down
Jul 08 Adoption Changes Lives, Whether it Welcomes the Person into a Physical Family or a Heavenly One
Jul 08 Illustrated Christmas Children's Fantasy Tells the Story of the First Christmas.
Jul 02 Never Underestimate God's Words, And Never Accept Satan's Substitutes
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